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100 Updates NEW in Minecraft 1.16 (Nether Update)

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Minecraft 1.16 (Nether Update) – The NEW Minecraft update is finally out! Here is everything new in Minecraft 1.16

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Minecraft 1.16, the nether update is absolutely HUGE! There were so many new updates added to the game over the course of many snapshots! We’ve covered the new features here on the channel but now they are available for all of you to play! We’ve got netherite armor AKA the new best armor in minecraft, the new strider mob, new piglin mob, new hoglin mob, new zoglin, new zombified piglin / zombie piglin (say goodbye zombie pigman deleted!) New blocks like respawn anchor and crying obsidian, new biomes like soulsand valley and warped forest, bartering, new bastions, and so many new minecraft features! Seriously this is everything new in minecraft 1.16 and this is the new minecraft!

100 Updates NEW in Minecraft 1.16 (Nether Update)

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Logdotzip says:

Comment your favorite new feature in the New Nether Update for Minecraft 1.16! 😀

•Kazami•Is•Tired • says:

Whats the latest minecraft version?

Skulltrex says:

How he breath while his beards are connected to his nose?

Yung Misery says:

Can anyone tell me why when I run Minecraft on my ps4 it stays on the red Mojang screen I don’t wanna delete and redownload cuz I’ll have to buy it again

Simanto Ahmed says:

Is this an update or a mod? Can't believe so much in one update

Child Burger fungus says:

I miss the old Minecraft :c

Airies Delos Santos says:

Crimson and warped wood are fire prove

Ridwanul Islam says:

And you cannot pick firr

Ridwanul Islam says:

And I also tried to use bonemeal on netherrack but it didnt work

Ridwanul Islam says:

Excuse me,I tried to set soul fire in minecraft pe on diamond well it doesnt

Danica Nacar says:

Lets go in nether and see the hoglin and piglin village

Danica Nacar says:

Turuan mo ako mag minecraft

Master_Codex says:

16:45 how to lock chest btw?
What command is this? Anyone?

Shadowdragon shadow says:

Oh and after that just put a letter or whatever you wanna put next to it
Will have the color or font.

Shadowdragon shadow says:

I found a way to get colors into texts by
Putting § with one number or with one letter.

Rodel Santos says:

How to install the new update

DarkAltrax127 says:

They massacred my boy zombie pigman…

Carlos Pena says:

aloo la verdad excelente video lo disfrute deseo el siguiente éxito los dejo les mando besitos gracias

Emily Plays says:

I have to say that they should add more slots/space for your inventory

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