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10 Things You SHOULD Be Buying at Dollar Tree in April 2022

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So many people have shopped at Dollar Tree but not taking advantage of the best products they have! Watch this video and see what you’re missing out on this April 2022!

I’ve been shopping at Dollar Tree near me for these items for years. People have been asking me for a 2022 Dollar Tree haul 2022 or another Dollar Tree secrets video and what to buy at the Dollar Tree 2022. I made a 10 shopping secrets about dollar tree video and you all seemed to love it so I thought this dollar tree shopping would be fun to do!

Check out the new items here: https://bit.ly/3a7423S

In this video The Deal Guy is showing the best dollar tree 2022 products that you can use your dollar tree coupons and other dollar tree hacks! You may have seen similar videos by the channel Do It On a Dime (who is great!), Frugal Fit Mom and Bargain Bethany so i thought this dollar store secrets and shopping secrets will show you the best things dollar tree April 2022.

I hope this dollar tree shop with me will help you find some awesome products and learn some secrets about dollar tree. Comment below and let me know if you like these dollar tree deals and dollar tree tips!

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The Deal Guy says:

The Dollar Tree is NOT MESSING AROUND with the amazing products this April!! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a THUMBS UP as it helps me in the YouTube algorithm! 😀 Did you see anything awesome this month that I missed?👇🏼 Comment below 👇🏼 EDIT: Point 9 – they are not branded tupperware containers, I mean't to say they are "tupperware STYLE food storage" containers

Nina Sol says:

Flat to go unfortunately I don't see it in Canada

Cadoo55 says:

Love your videos!

Susan Sailors says:

I can't find those flats anywhere.

ilona’s_Diy_classrom 1.0 says:

Hey Matt the buddies cloths I actually use with my swifter wet jet mop that sprays out. They stick perfectly to the Velcro thats created on the bottom of the mop. The swifter wet jet name brand cloths are way to expensive just to use to clean a small area like a kitchen floor or bathroom floor.

Heidi Richardson says:

The problem with straw built into the bowl or cup, the straws are hard to clean.

Theresa Chiorazzi says:

I haven’t seen them at my dollar tree I would buy them.

MeghanCL says:

The small pink basket would work well for hair stuff – headbands, scrunchies, etc…

michelle perleberg says:

I love their greeting card selection

Oliva Jimenez says:

Love those eye pads. Mine are little donuts.

Susan Long says:

The round small basket- bought blue for my cornhole bags when not in use so the grass doesn’t make them wet

Janet Phipps says:

Great finds

On, Wisconsin! says:

I enjoy your videos, but I'm waiting for your episode on the upcoming television series, "Celebrity Hoarders." (I hope you picked up some of those Yard Sale signs.)

Lynne Carnivale says:

Hi…Great video! Thank you. You could store Maras socks in that pink basket but loop the socks together into a ball…but add a hidden SURPRISE in each sock. Examples… hair clip, hair bow, ring, mini toys, doll clothes, coins and such. Each day when she gets ready for school, she could choose her socks that will include a little gift. Even words of encouragement would be a great addition! She can collect all of your little notes and place into a Dollar Tree photo album to keep them neat each day. I may be late with my comment but you could pick up another basket or bin, haha!!!
God bless you, your wife, daughter and your friends here!
Peace, Lynne 🍃💜🍃

Homesteading Ways & Beyond says:

Never heard anyone so excited about the dollar store…

Teresa Noel says:

Clothing storage bags….. it takes minutes to take air out, but how long does it keep the air out

mfbir1able says:

Oh Matt, you missed the opportunity to take the show to the trunk! I’m so disappointed in you! Please consider the cereal bowl with the straw and demonstrate for us…Please…
Btw, I love gnomes (always & flamingos—always!), in case you need to know 😆

Sharon Persley says:

Pink plastic basket is perfect for baby doll clothes, Barbie shoes, any other little trinkets that she has lean around her room you might have to pick up more than one. We love you too 😘

Kim Allison says:

I have bought sticks from qvc and they are great I hope they will too

Cathy D. Salt & Light says:

Mara could use the cute pink basket to put her hair bows in, or her crayons

Miss A.W. says:

I love you too

Thanks for the excellent presentation

Sue Metzger says:

The pink basket looks like it would be great for scrunchies

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