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10 Discontinued Fast Food Items You Can STILL ORDER!!!

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Here’s a list of 10 discontinued fast food items you can still order. It’s sad when a menu item you love gets discontinued, but these are 10 discontinued fast food items you can still order!
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All of us have a favorite item that we always order at our preferred fast food joint, and it can be quite upsetting when it is suddenly discontinued. But with the help of an accommodating employee and innovative menu hacking, here are 10 discontinued fast food items you can still order.

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0:21 The yummy Enchirito from Taco Bell
2:19 The super delicious McDonald’s Big N’ Tasty burger
4:38 Bacon Sundae from Burger King
6:02 The fiery Volcano Taco from Taco Bell
7:25 Cinn-A-Stack pancakes from IHOP
8:46 The deep-fried Pickle-O’s from Sonic
10:11 Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks
11:51 The ooey-gooey Taco Bell Cheesarito
13:11 Frings from Jack In The Box
14:16 The Spicy Chicken Biscuit from Chick-fil-A

– What do you get when you combine two Mexican classics – an enchilada and a burrito? An ‘Enchirito’, of course! Taco Bell’s Enchirito is nothing but a soft flour tortilla filled to the seams with beans, beef, onions, and cheese, and drowned in a lip-smacking red sauce with more melted cheese and olives on top.
– Introduced by McDonald’s to compete with Burger King’s Whopper sandwich, the Big N’ Tasty was a very popular item on the menu for quite some time. Though officially discontinued from the U.S. menus of McDonald’s, many versions of the Big N’ Tasty are still available at international McDonald’s outlets.
– Creamy vanilla ice cream, rich caramel sauce, dark chocolate fudge, and thick-cut, hardwood smoked bacon – what’s not to love in this unbelievably delicious Bacon Sundae from Burger King?! This sweet and savory treat was introduced on the menus of Burger King in the summer of 2012, and surprisingly, it was a smash hit with customers.
– What makes the Volcano Taco unique is its red color taco shell. And if you are wondering what makes the Volcano Taco volcanic? Well, it’s the hot and spicy nacho cheese sauce called ‘Lava Sauce’ that gives the Volcano Taco its fiery reputation.
– Imagine a stack of light-as-air pancakes with mouthwatering cinnamon cream cheese frosting dripping down the sides and a dollop of whipped cream on top – that’s what IHOP’s Cinn-A-Stack pancakes were; absolutely drool-worthy!
– Is there anything more comforting than a deep-fried snack that hits just the right spot between crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside? One such amazing snack at the popular fast food chain, Sonic, is the Pickle-O’s. With a catchy name like Pickle-O’s, these little fried chips of dill pickle deliciousness were a hit with customers.
– The omnipresent Starbucks has enthralled Americans with many a custom coffee drink over the decades. Like the more recent Unicorn Frappuccino, Rainbow Refresher and other limited-time offerings, Starbucks manages to pull in even more customers than the million or more that it already has.
– Founded in 1962, Taco Bell has been serving up delightful Mexican-style offerings to Americans for decades now. Especially popular with customers are their cheese-filled items, and one such yummy item is the Cheesarito.
– Perhaps one of the simplest and easiest-to-assemble items on the menu of any fast food restaurant would be the Frings from Jack in the Box. Frings are simply a combination of fries and onion rings served in the same box or bag, and can be enjoyed with a variety of dipping sauces.
– Chick-fil-A’s Spicy Chicken Biscuit has to be one of the most beloved discontinued fast food items ever. Fans of this scrumptious breakfast staple have been lamenting its loss ever since it was discontinued in 2016. There’s even a Twitter handle dedicated to it!

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