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10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Smoked Cigarettes | Famous People Who Smoke.

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10 Stars Who Smoke In Real Life. Famous Smokers List.
P.S. Smoking Is Not Cool. Don’t Smoke.


Ugly Disasters says:

You forgot Melanie Martinez my friend!

Trust nobody And I don’t says:

Addicting took me 40 years to quit

Эльдар Ибрагимов says:

smoke is good


My mum works at cancer council and this is the thanks shy gets

Unicorn Mesho says:

Adele quit smoking

Walter says:

Cant believe Eva Mendes smokes that is such a turn off and you know there are so many things we can die from why speed things up? If you ever see a loved one Die from Smoking it will change they way you look at life it did me

Scout 805 says:

Anybody who's anyone smokes!
These girls are absolutely a little cooler in my book! Don't forget kids, moderation is key! Food, drink, gambling, Sex, drugs, n Rock n roll will kill ya if overdone!

Jay Cormack says:

No cigars no style or class yuck Eva mendes has smoked cigars so has Jennifer lopez cigars are a hobby not a filthy addiction

chop 362 says:

Never smoked but it is their choice, called freedom.

Todd Vanhorn Vanhorn says:

nasty nasty nasty

Sophia Aristotelis says:

lmao we all been knew about miley cyrus

Gabriella Bozhilova says:

Smoking is the most awful thing in the world, some people will say it’s a form of relaxation, fine, but think about all the smoke going into your lungs. Think about all of the people around you and and your smoke. Think about your child or when you have a child. It’s fine if you choose to smoke. But I will NEVER SOME A FUCKING CIGARETTE IN MY LIFE!

Frank H. says:

One that wasn't in this list, but who used to be a smoker…and that's Jennifer Aniston.

daniel Laswell says:

Adele smokes most beautiful voice ever smoking makes your vocal sounds more beautiful

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