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[1 HOUR LOOP + Lyrics] jxdn – Angels & Demons

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MusicUnity says:

Whats the thing you like the most about Jaden?

Joel Sunny Violin says:

i played this on the violin if anyone wants to check it out ✌🏽

Porcelain Schrader says:

I love this song I listen to it when I'm down you know❤️❤️❤️❤️

Darren Rees says:

Ilove you artists

Georgiane Pereira says:

HELO jxdn

Sharon Emken says:

Perfect song for me this is my favorite song it's what I listen to when there's tough times..please YouTube Dont take it down if this isn't played at my funeral I'm not going lol

MrAug says:

This isfire

Ashley Gallagher says:

NoW I SaY bYe BYe To ThIs ViDeO…

Ashley Gallagher says:

:AnD tHeN mE wHeN I hEaR tHe BaD wOrDs:Ohhhh noo pls Make a Clean Video

Ashley Gallagher says:

Also me when I hear The ROCKSTAR Part: Yup I gotta like dis Song!
Likes Video 🙂

Ashley Gallagher says:


Anastasia Long says:

Love angles and demons thank u for making it in your long

Jeff McLaughlin says:

he is so cute and amazing singer

xXMadi12xX1 says:

this is seriously the only song i can listen to on repeat is fireeee!!!!!!! Lets hope jxdn makes more like ittttt

Jasmine chouhan says:

am i the only one who want This song and Jayden's Comatose song to be their ringtone and played at their funeral? No just me im ok with that

Aariya Kothari says:

I was singing
My mum
Where is the dying goat lol 🤣😂🤣


why can i relate to this sing i rly dc about anything anymore not even my life but i dont get the fact why people care about me when i dont want them to no offense tho i want a break

Alyssa Parra says:

Now this is what I needed

Møcha Fråppe says:

This song is amazing PERIODT

Paige Hoyle says:

This is the only song I've listened to since it came out coz I'm kinda obsessed with Jaden 🤭🤭

Sophia Lin says:

I connect with this song on a personal level like why didn't I find this earlier

x.xKaorix.x says:

Listening to this because “fRiEnD” is pissed at me ಥ‿ಥ

Laurensskittlee says:

I’m playing this at my wedding and funeral and I’m gonna have him there

Julian Ramirez says:

Sister got me hooked lol

Mel M. says:

.075 hits different if your depressed

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