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0-100 GLOW UP *getting my life together*

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Spotify: https://goo.gl/PjzzPq

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PO BOX 642


Sinead Perks says:

No brows makeup? 🥺💯

Makenzie Marino says:

where are your cute little stud earrings from?!

S F says:

omg i can so relate with the bangs 😂😂 i stopped straightening them outwards, i take all my bangs at once and straighten it down and then do a little "bump" towards my face and it gives the same effect but it never fails!

Angelica Scarlett says:

Bella you're so gorgeous! Love the hair, you look so italian!

Victoria _ says:

For some reason, she reminds me of a female Noah Centineo lol

Shae Osuch says:

You are just a delight to watch 😍 so funny, so cute, so relatable. I rewatch your videos just because of your personality! Please keep the videos coming girly 💕💕

taz says:

I died at the bangs part bc I can relate so hard 🤣

Olivia Beyen says:

What fake tan did you use?! 😍

Kaethryn says:

bella should watch Tenki no Ko or Kimi no Na wa 🙂

Amy Ambrose says:

Your skin is looking AMAZING

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