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🚨Apple Event September 15th, but No iPhone 12!?🚨

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Apple today announced on its events page that it will be holding a special event on Tuesday, September 15 at 10:00 a.m. at the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.

As with WWDC, Apple’s fall event appears to be a digital-only gathering with no members of the media invited to attend in person due to the ongoing public health crisis. The format is likely to be similar to WWDC, with Apple providing pre-taped segments for each new product that’s expected to be announced.

read more – https://www.macrumors.com/2020/09/08/apple-september-2020-event/


aaryan says:

I am 100% sure there will be no 120hz display in this year iphone 12 series phone

Shahar Rozenbloom says:

Apple Will Buy An Excellent Speaker Tech Start Up from Israel for iPhone 13, AirPods And More For Patents Snd Engineers. Work. Even for Software.

Jean Claude Boutique says:

Bla-bla-bla for nothing!

Ishu Mittal says:

i doubt if it's an iphone 12 event because they used Apple Event in their invites instead of special event like previous year..well let's see what will happen

Basadict says:

The “Time Flies” gives it away. iPhones are always the bigger thing compared to apple watch. So to hype the September event with “Time” alone underhypes the iPhone launch.

Kyle Santos says:

Here’s what I think is happening with Apple this year:
September 15:
– iPhone 12
– iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max
– iPad (8th generation)
– AirTags
– AirPods Studio
– AirPower (possibly?)

October Event:
– iPad Air
– Apple Silicon
– New Apple TV?

Kevin Woellenweber says:

Is it just me or does someone else see the ⌘ on the invite ??

eUploads says:

New iPhones and MacBook Pro 14 are coming this event

Conlomerate says:

It is stupid to have two different events in one month. Surely it is a stupid marketing tactic from new SVP Marketing.

Suhail Agha says:

Think apple will release the mini 6? I'm thinking of getting the mini 5, but should I wait?

eazy14 says:

2 hours just for the Apple Watch and iPad ??? No way !

popika says:

I wait the iPhone 12 pro MAX, i hate my iPhone 7 plus wich i charge 3 Times/day

deans6571 says:

I’m gonna be SO glad when I can come back here to tell everybody “TOLD YOU SO” when no iPhones are announced. There will be NO iPhones announced next week…….

Siyu Liu says:

It’s a 2 hour event…only for 2 products? Sure…

valentinbuc says:

Big deal! We know from the start this year’s iPhone would be launched in October …. 🤨

trufiend138 says:

Honestly. All Apple would need to do is slap a USB C port in iPhone 12 and ppl would go crazy. Instead they’re pushing things like 5g like anyone cares. Meanwhile, foldable android phones are now consumer ready. I just Cant imagine why Apple wouldn’t have an “iPhone fold” in sept 2021. The market is there. We’re waiting to adopt. But we want it done right and for $1800 max.

The Violinio says:

6 days left 🤯

Xu Han says:

The status of iOS 14 it is not possible an iPhone launch next week.

Liverpool5563 says:

It’s a 2 hour event I think they will discuss the iPhone 12. October will begin 16 days after the event. They won’t have another event few weeks later to discuss their phones it would be a waste of time, and stupid. There’s a AR Apple logo for the event. I think it’s a reference to iPhone Pro models having LiDIAR.

David Hopkins says:

So the 2 hr event will consist of “New iPad & Apple Watch⌚️ 🤔🤔🤔

Al Mol says:

I am sure they are wrong… They need to hit hard soon after 🦠

moniruzzaman shawon says:

I hope AR glasses will be announced 😌😌

Sedat Kilic says:

5 G olucakmı

Yuk Kiu WONG says:

U have macOS Big Sur?

Youry Davydov says:

No iPhone?? How I miss Steve Jobs cause with him company was normal and didn’t looks like now

Tanay Poddar says:

next apple event should be on november 2 accoding to apple pattern 2016- september 9 and then 27 november .2018- september 12 and then on september 30 so in 2020 1 event is on 15 so next event should be after 36 days from september 15 so that is november 2

Wesley says:

I hate that smaller size equates to lower tier. No 5.4" iPhone Pro or all screen display iPad mini. What happened to smaller electronics being more premium?

1429 Arnav Kathuria says:

I would love to see people faces when they release iphones

Alan Hughes says:

12" iPad Air starting at $799

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