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[화사] Hwasa (MAMAMOO) 1st mini Album [María] Track List + [TEASER] – '마리아 ' REACTION | MooMoo Reacts

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Hi, Daphne here
A multistan trying to shine a spotlight on all artists. This means discovering new artists but also sharing my love for artists I already love ^^ Will do this through Reactions, Unboxings, Concert/Travel vlogs, Highlighting my favorite performances/songs, Reviews, Experiences vids and more! I’m still new to this whole YouTube thing but I’m learning and growing. What I already love is just talking with you guys about some of our favorite artists and performances. So I hope you will keep joining me in this journey, let’s discover the world of KPOP together ♡

If you want me to react to a certain artist or performance you can always let me know ♡ You can do this in the comment section of my videos or my community posts. Ofcource you can always DM me as well on IG and Twitter. Not good with schedules or messaging directly back but will always try to respond and film your requests. Sometimes it just takes a little time. I think that is just the life of a Multistan. Too much to listen to and too much to watch!

☆ Watch my other MAMAMOO reactions in the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwI5In-L8TxXEx6Oxk3uhTwY0dbQtVtOb

☆ Watch [화사] 1st Mini Album [María] Track List here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiprvhQqkfI
☆ Watch [TEASER] 화사 (Hwa Sa) – 마리아 (Maria) (morte ver.) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k38kp9K4WnI


You can find me on
♡ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/daphneshashinn
♡ Twitter: https://twitter.com/daphneshashinn


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Daphneshashinn says:

A playlist of all my MAMAMOO reactions in the description, if you are interested ♡ BTW have ordered the album, will do an unboxing when I have it! A some what more serious vid, didn't know how to feel…Expressing my feelings and the thoughts I have, is not something I'm good in! I'm all over the place and wasn't sure of posting this. Hope you don't mind my word vomit and that I made sense even if it's a little bit ♡

KoreanJunkie365 says:

Listening to her speak about creating her album after having listened to it on repeat makes me appreciate it even more. She shows us a more sensitive side of her and we are proud to see that she's completely comfortable with us MOOMOO's to share these thoughts.

anna black says:

I’m bad too is an absolute fav of mine. N I love how u were so focused n the whole energy u give

William G Wolfe says:

This is such a powerful empowering MV she's so brave strong love her more then ever 💯👑 4-ever

Jae Koh says:

I get it. You really care about her and you hope by opening up to us, she is dealing with whatever troubles she may have. I feel the same way.she is a beautiful human being.

keukeu nisa Latifah says:

Hwasa is like a beyonce and rihanna in korea version!

fennec fox says:

One thing that came to mind when I watched the interview and your commentary was a question Solar got about how she, as the leader, deals with the members. Solar said they are all different and require a different approach. Specifically about Hwasa Solar said Hwasa has many concerns and sometimes she cries. At the time I believed Hwasa was the toughest member of Mamamo but that really made me question that. And I have since come to believe she is, in some ways, the most sensitive. However, obviously she does have an inner strength that allowed her to succeed in an industry that is very unforgiving.

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