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⛏ Minecraft 1.16 Trailer vs Realidad / Nether Update ⛏

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Este es mi tercer video, me costó mucho hacerlo. Tuve inspiración del Youtuber ingles: TheSamden. Y se me dificultó ya que no uso PC, Pero lo logré. Me gustaría que lo apoyaras dejando tu Like, Gracias de ante mano, disfruta el video y suscríbete si te agrada el contenido ! 😀

Donaciones :p

Créditos: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheSamden

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Gustavo Reis says:


Some Random Peep :D says:

I like the trailer better

Tilioka Games says:

They add the lightning to trailer,but not to game

Ringden Tamang says:

Wish they make minecraft graphic more like the trailer it already awesome but it will be more if they do that

Reubert Matthew Sy says:

Well cactus more powerful than netherite

Dzaky Ninja Wolf says:

Itu kan pakai shader trailer nya

Pake shaders gk sih???

OplizGamer07 says:

Which screen recorder is that

itsjust Cedric says:

Yeah thats true in trailer is beautiful but in reality is not good

PIzBur R says:


hb yeet says:

Can we all respect that he did this in mobile minecraft

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