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☀️ MINECRAFT 1.16: Trailer Vs Reality

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☀️ Hello mon petit soleil, une fois de plus voici la vidéo humoristique de comparaison entre le trailer et la réalité de la Nether Update, la version 1.16 de Minecraft !

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shina Ogun says:

Me before:yay! Another cool update, it's so fun!
Me now: I hate scams!
I can't wait for another update!!

eXe_ Noname says:

In trailer used shader and u not

Zubair Daruwale says:

It haves shader and quality that's why you are wrong

Parasited RH says:

To realization of how the piglin traded you but also attack you is because you didn’t wear golden armor and the trailer shows that Steve and Alex are wearing it

VaronaViruS 07 says:


Other people…




i think we need rtx for best experience

Lazygamer748 000 says:

was his plan to enact the whole trailer

Oak Craft says:

This is soo hilariously accurate!

My secondary cool channel says:

Nether: I have the best update Ocean: no I have the best update Village: No I have the best update Cave: Y’all getting updates

Jack Sun says:

stop being disapproving. As if you can make a better game

Kdjfhnfjf Bloxburger says:


Mr Cheems says:

Theres 104 ways to enjoy a speed but one comes along just to end it so the only real problem with world generation is finding a good nether fortress

mario gamer1731do says:

eres cruel pero justo

DarZed says:

Jajajaj es sierto

peach beach says:

Remember he’s not trying to tear eat it he’s making it a reality

PandaCraft says:

it's because they have shaders

Katrin Gnüg says:

Nehmt keine Maske Masken sind dumm bei Masken in der Minecraft ist scheiße

Katrin Gnüg says:

Nehmen nimmt kein

Enraged Waffles says:

People: "Reality is often disappointing"

The guy who made the trailer: "But now…"

Reykiii 058 says:

People see in trailer: wow,so cool

After paying 2.9$: its so boring


Mama Nadhif, nizar dan Nino says:

Uptade 1.16 beta

BunnyPandemicTV says:

I only experienced in the Nether once hahhha its so scary, no mention about the gas sounds like no hahha




ItsJericho Playz says:

What Will The Next Update Of Minecraft

Youssf 326 says:

Dude just turn on the rtx mode

Daisy Arellano says:

Just put shader packs it will be more realistic

Raihan Raihan says:

trailer use shaders and texture packs

•πCookiePotatoπ• Potato says:

you maybe lucky if your nether portal spawn in to the same seed as in the trailer it will be very cool

SSBV2 ball says:

Nobody cares

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