X1 (엑스원) 'FLASH' MV

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♬ Available on iTunes, Apple Music : https://apple.co/2mBaevW
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X1 (엑스원) ‘FLASH’ MV

2019. 08. 27 6PM

– Youtube : www.youtube.com/x1official101
– twitter : www.twitter.com/x1official101
– Instagram : www.instagram.com/x1official101
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Sgv Ub says:

Cuando integrantes son en total y como se llaman .

Por favor k alguien me diga , es un bonito grupo, me encanto mucho .

just Zue says:

Guys!! Vote and stream for X1..tomorrow 4th December is their 100th day anniversary since debute(27 August 2019) let's show the members we miss them and we always by their sides through ups and down..hwaiting dear OneIt..

Irah๑ Officials says:

I feel SUPER bad for those who were actually suppose to debut. But forcing them to disband after all that hard work, its such a waste. Other than getting satisfaction and relief and knowing that the actual top 12 will debut, what else? Regret later that the previous members were talented and sad to see them go, come on guys, they weren't at fault when it comes to votes, they deserve to stay. Dont let our satisfaction get out of us. Because these people have a future to live for. Ruining that is the worse decision in my opinion. Its like pulling out success in a blink of an eye. Like come on lets admit it, THIS DEBUT WAS AMAZING. There were NO regrets letting those members debut AT ALL. Now come on, lets just support X1 till the end!

ugly ass dog says:

i missed them :(((((

Rebeka Blackwood says:

Guys plz cast here ur vote for X1!

Zicha Alyazidi says:

flyhigh x1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trash Can says:

so u want to tell me that they spend months by “living in a produce building” for nothing?
okay.. they didn’t know about that false voting. not their fault. let them continue, they worked hard.
anybody agrees?

Hayeong Kam says:

Missing you everyday 😭

skrrrt says:

One its will always be here for X1. X1 FLY HIGHER 💕

infinite goldenchild shinee says:

Miss u so much x1….

DefSoul L says:

Me watching this again and again because I really miss all of them.

Keep strong and fighting One It and X1!!!

sofie salsa says:

Lets go to 100M

Thảo Linh Trần says:


Anis Athirst says:

We miss our boys

Anis Athirst says:

Keep fighting X1 , we all love you and always support you no matter what happen.

Khayizza marsha says:

Hi, guys! i miss u so much

Socorro Santos says:

I miss you, X1

Hyukshi says:

보고싶어 ㅜ

Hương Giang Lê says:

I miss you so much, X1

lyn lyn says:



Hello there One Its! I'm collecting messages from one its who doesn't have a fancafe account or haven't yet leveled up to send to X1!

Reply with the members you want to specify the message for (or for the whole group) and your message 💕

I hope many of you will participate ✌🏻

Aura Narilaa says:

Really miss you guys😭

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