WHO IS THIS ? jxdn – Angels & Demons (Official Video) – REACTION

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Original Video LINK: https://youtu.be/nivyMTzVNmU
jxdn – Angels & Demons (Official Video) – REACTION
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Crown Family says:

Check Out My New Single "Love & Hip Hop" Ft 100 Kufis, DuaneTV, King Blitz, DK LINK: https://youtu.be/X6hpmk4NnKQ

Saiful Islam says:

Your mads and your crazy

Kathleen O'Brien says:

Please research and review video’s of jxdn’s- so what, and the most impactful song pray. Amazing message

Juli Soria says:

He also has Comatose, Pray and So What! And I'm sure that in some months Psycho is gonna come out too

Juli Soria says:

I feel so proud of him, i always watch videos of ppl reacting to him and they LOVE all the songs… i only know him since the beginning of 2019, but that was the best thing I've ever done, I saw him growth as a person and as a musician and now seeing how far he's coming is amazing. Literally forever proud of this kid♥️

lily d says:

Can you please react to PRETTYMUCH. They are a boyband that Simon Cowell made

CheerUp2 says:

Oh I didnt realize this dude was white. I just heard this song last week

Nick Brown says:

jxdn dropped “so what” last week, u should react to the vid, travis barker is in the the vid and another surprise person, but i’ll let you be surprised

Momo 4 U says:

I don’t like tictok cuz I think it’s the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen…but this song is HARDDDDD like I can’t stop listening to it

gaby says:

i'm incredibly proud of him he used his platform on tiktok to grow in what he actually wanted to pursue

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