watchOS 7 is Out! – What's New?

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watchOS 7 is now out to all supported devices. watchOS 7 brings new watch faces, hand washing, new workouts, updates to Siri and more. Apple also released iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14 today along with watchOS 7. In this video I go over all the features and changes in watchOS 7 using the Apple Watch Series 4. #watchOS7 #iOS 14 AppleWatch #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:09 – Supported devices
00:27 – Size
00:59 – New features
02:24 – New watch faces
05:44 – New Complications
06:40 – Sleep
07:36 – Workouts
08:16 – Goals
08:48 – Maps
10:01 – Handwashing
10:38 – Siri
11:18 – Battery health and Charging
12:09 – Hearing health
13:01 – Performance and Battery life
13:51 – Wallpaper
14:03 – Outro
14:23 – End

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Patrik Blomberg says:

Just ordered the Series 3 as a birthday present for myself. 🙂

Awulat Abdulsalam Abdulhakim says:

Thanks to legithack619 on IG for helping me update my iwatch from series 3 to 5 successfully


Any one like me = i am a 14years old boy who has iphone 8plus and Apple Watch series 3 😅

David Guymon says:

Handwashing does not come on Apple Watch 3. It’s nowhere in the menu.

Gabriel Brunet says:

I bought the apple watch se and it is absolutely amazing i love it super sharp and detail display os7 is great

Tsuna says:

Came here cause I just updated my series 4 after months of non usage cause of pandemic lol

Cynthia Dowling says:

I’m afraid to update. My watch lasts almost two days on a charge. The last update rendered my watch useless it got stuck in a loop and I had to wait almost a month before the next update came along. It corrected the problem. I still had my original watch and could get my fitness in. Apple knew it was a software glitch and wasn’t very helpful.

Emma says:

I’m very annoyed that they disabled force touch

The Green Talons says:

Yes. I just recently brought a Used but great condition Iwatch 5( replaced it from the series 1 ) & I’m trying to wear it when I sleep without any battery 🔋 usages. How do I save battery on da series 5 so I can prolong it for at least one day without a charge?

chaarlotte william says:

I keep recommending legithack619 on IG for updating my iwatch

diza david says:

To update your iwatch without stress legithack619 on IG will make it much easier

Joseph Haruna says:

The solution to your iwatch problems legithack619 on IG

Natzoo says:

Is it crazy that I want to use my series 0 more, I hate the removal of 3D touch on the watch. I hate how apple controls everything, forced my watch to OS7 once I updated to IOS 14. Apple sucks man

Joseph Haruna says:

I still keep recommending legithack619 on IG to solve all your iwatch issues

Thijs Kennis says:

Thank you for this video

Brad says:

I never realised that if you use a two finger press on Apple Watch it speaks the time… is that new?

Shym Hussain says:

I updated my Apple Watch (series 5) to the latest iOS update. But I have a problem with Activity app, health app and heart rate app. Can someone help me or should I just go to the store I bought it from?

Brendan Hoffmann says:

since watch os 7 / ios 14 I can no longer see the route I took in fitness when I open the map from the workout!

Nicholas McIsaac says:

Imagine dropping 20k on a Day Zero model, to have its end of life happen not even 5 years later.

Emmanuel Agbiti says:

much thanks to the best @ hacklord440 on IG for his good work

Becky Haruna says:

I recommend @ hacklord440 on IG to you guys

Ben Marshall says:

I wanna say I big thank you to everyone who recommended @ hacklord440 on IG bro thanks for your help am so happy to work with you

Raygiel Perry says:

This update is a joke lol 😆 for any watch don’t feel bad if u got series 3. The Apple Watch is still pretty dull and boring. I’m just attached to mine because I’ve brainwashed into thinking I need one lol. It’s dead most of the days

Joseph Haruna says:

I strongly recommend bra_vo_10 on IG he helped me upgrade my iwatch from series 3 to 5

AdidasLove34 says:

My watch (series 6) keeps shutting down for no reason. Even sometimes pressing the crown, the next thing I see is the Apple logo. I've unpaired and paired it up again, no luck. Some have said since they turned off the hand washing feature that has done the trick, but no luck on that side either. Any having a similar problem?

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