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Cyrene Villanueva says:

Ok Michaeng shippers out there? 💖
Why so pretty Nayeon !😍💖

林承鋒 says:

Twice😍❤️💕😘 Fancy😍❤️💕😘

roses blackpink says:

1:22 jihyo is sing itzy-dalla dalla

Tita Nauralita says:

Jihyo nyanyi lagu dalla dalla di menit 1:21

aliciaejwhite says:


(CY) What do you think of Twice?
(Director) Your new album is really awesome.
(CY) Really?
(NY) Really? How awesome is it? Since Twice's debut, the director here, has been shooting all our music videos up to FANCY. I shall interview him now.
(CY) Which song is your favourite?
(NY) Hello, Director Nah.
(Director) Nah?
(NY) Nah. (i guess she made a joke here but i don't get it SOOO)

(NY) What do you think of FANCY?
(Director) I'm not sure I can say this.
(CY) So serious.
(Director) I'm very serious.
(NY) Yeah.
(Director) The best of the best.
(NY) !!! Really? Is it the best of the best?
(Director) Really.
(NY) Really? Will FANCY be a huge hit?
(Director) It'll be the number one song of the year.
(NY) You said FANCY will be the song of the year. If it doesn't become the number one song of the year, what will you do?
(Director) Promise!
(NY) You'll buy all our members the down coat Director Nah is wearing. Or treat us to a meal truck.
(Director) If your song doesn't become a number one song of the year?
(NY) Yes. Will you treat us even if it isn't a number one song?
(CY) What's going on?
(NY) One, you just heard out director say that he will treat us to a meal truck whether FANCY becomes a number one song or not.
(JY) Thank you!
(NY) Anyway, it goes to prove that FANCY is just that amazing.
(Director) It amazing.
(CY) Fighting!!
(NY) Fighting, thank you!
(CY) Thank you!
(Director) Good work.

(NY) Don't stop, Jihyo. Jihyo is special.
(JH) sings Dalla Dalla
(CY) You look pretty right now.
(JH) I did this for the shoot.
(CY) Oh, unnie, yeah, you did!

(SN in background) Pretty?
(JH in background) Pretty, pretty! (jihyo and sana were filmed saying this in another twice video, sana sat in her lap. it was a whole thing. ANYWAY.)

(CY) You look cool.

(CY) It's over~
(NY) It's not really over yet.
(CY) It's over!

(CY) I can see my breath.
(Staff member) Watch out for the slippery floor.
(NY) Will it be warm by the time this song comes out? It's February 15th. We have exactly 2 months left. Until our showcase. 2 months before the showcase. It's day 2 of making our music video.

(CY) Do the FANCY pose.


K-pop area says:

1:221:24 jihyo do dalla dalla by itzy a.k.a her junior is freaking cute ❤

나무 says:

트와이스 너무 사랑해

Ariana Butera says:

Mina 💜
Sana 💙
Nayeon 💛
Momo 💚

Ryu Chan says:


J says:

임나연 사복 미모 미췄네 ㅋㅋ

마늘요리 says:

잡았다 이놈…

•[Amby Coffe]• says:

michaeng is so beautiful~

Keith Lund says:

I fancy TWICE 😍

Alfin Gaming says:

Kontol lu semua

dahyun's tea says:

jihyos laugh gives me LIFE

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