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Cyrene Villanueva says:

Ok our Maknae Chaeyoung 😍💖She look so gorgeous and sexy 😍💖🔥

aliciaejwhite says:



(JH) Anything that's changed about me?
(MN) Changed?
(JY) There's a hole!
(JH) There were two birthmarks here, but I wanted to create a new feeling during FANCY. When we went to Guam before, Jeongyeon did it so I did too. I liked it that time. I forgot about it and Chaeyoung talked about it today. I did it since I thought about it.
(JH) Shall we go film now?
(CY) Yes!

(CY) Last time filming.

(CY) We're pretty, right? It's pretty.
(CY) There's no one who does it like that.
(JH) Right.

(CY) Take a seat. Please sit down~

(JH) This place is Wolmido (a korean island in Incheon that has an amusement park)
(CY) Wolmido… I want to go there.
(JH) Please put CGI in the background.

(JH) Ooh, it's alright?
(CY) Yeah, it's good.
(JH) Once! 1. Put it! 2. Just one! 3. Do both!
(CY) Three! Three!
(JH) I will put it up when it comes on Instagram.
(JY) 4. Put it all on the face.
(JH) Please leave 1,2,3 in the comments.
(JY) 5. Put it in the middle.
(CY) You know that? That- (okay that conversation was a mess and i am SO confused)

(CY) Pretty. Your eyelashes are so pretty.

(JH) There's a birthmark here too.
(MN) Yeah. There's one here too! And here, and here, and here…

(JY) It's over?
(CY) It's over!


Zess says:

I need english sub :3

aditiasf says:

Baby tiger scream 1:33

ポポ says:


Rica Hardina says:

🤩 yes or yes
😊 knock knock

Hanuy Kim says:

5번 ㅋㅋ


Still back for chaeyoungs sound effects'-'

Irisha Magar says:

Chaeyoung at starting 😍😘

rodel aupag says:

sarangheayo jeongyeon <3 <3 <3

in good job twice (Y)

fadiyah adilah says:

When chaeyoung say last day suddenly I remembered my friend 😂

Tw. HProLê says:


Firhad Danial says:

Can you add English subtitles….. because it is to hard for me to understand what they're talking about

Carmela Perales says:

Mina's part is so Funny 🤣🤣but she's cute and preetty,ilike jihyo's voice 😍❣️ chaeyoung is so cute and Jeongnie so pretty 😍😍

에드워드뉴게이트 says:


Cessie Park says:

Even I can't understand them, still enjoy watching

(Army but loves ones too..)

TV연듀곤듀 says:

4번!..1번..2.. 몰르겟어요..ㅜ

_-*-_Sra_Park Lisa_-*-_ says:

Tendi foi nada:)

챙구는못말려 says:

5번 이마 가운데 !

Ingrid marie Basilan says:

Can you please put engliah subtitle on every vlog so that we can relate.

けんと。 says:

1:33 赤ちゃん出現👶

geekdiggy says:

mina has been speaking much more these past couple of videos. is she ok?

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