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Cyrene Villanueva says:

Twice why so pretty huh?😍💖
Tzuyu voice so cute😍💖Jeongyeon 💖 ok Chaeyoung how to be that dog ?😍💖ok Jihyo we all know your so much hungry huh?😅💖while Sana talking My baby Dahyun behind hahahaa dalagang pilipina yeah!😅💖

aliciaejwhite says:


(JY) What?~ (omg jeong you're killing me here)
(JY) Suddenly like this?
(CY) It'll be serious.

(CY) About this album.
(JY) …Finish what you're trying to say!

(JY) FANCY is a really-
(CY) It's good.
(JY) Incredible album.
(CY) You're right!

(JY) As well as carrying Twice's colours, we need to put in effort so that the album can carry the love of the fans and the public too. So I want it to be an album that can receive love from both the fans and the public. One that can be captivating.

(DH) First off, I think the member's hair colours have changed a lot-
(CY) Ah, not things like that!

(TZ) It's kind of slightly different than before… It's also overflowing with energy and a bright concept this time as well, but my personal opinion is that I want to show a cooler side of us. Like a more confident… a confident woman. Confident. Everyone's cool. Starting with this album, I think Once can see a different charm of ours.

(CY) I think this time… We're coming out with FANCY to start off 2019. The newly changed aspect… we're making the start of a new change in 2019 with FANCY. It's confident! "Twice can do things like this!" "Twice is also cool!" Because the Twice that everyone knows is bright, energetic, healthy. It doesn't mean I don't like that! But when they see our performance, "Wow, they're so cool!" "I want to be like that!" When you're practicing, when you're watching a performance, there are wannabes. I think it's an album where I could definitely feel that more.
(JY) So what are you gonna do?
(CY) So! I will do the jacket shoot well, film the music video well… and do well.

(TZ) Honestly, this time… last time was…

(JH) The note is so high and I'm worrying a lot. I plan on practicing diligently in the future. (nom nom nom)

(NY) For this album…
(JH) She's going to get abs for this album. Look forward to Nayeon's abs a lot.
(CY) You got abs?

(SN) My life is Twice.
(SN) Right this moment, we're doing the jacket shoot for our 7th mini album FANCY. I'd appreciate if you show it lots and lots of love~


FØFOTv1 مكافحه شحاتين اللايكات―,.― says:

ياربي جونقيون باربي باربي باربي بموت من جمالها

Richard Delantar says:

Jeongyeon: HMM?

Gacha Cutie says:

Dahyun that last part.. found the camera hhahahaah..

tothiscri ; says:

3:10 lmao dahyun always find the camera

Dennise Grace says:

Baby Chewie in the thumbnail omg 😍 I’m in love 💕

박유빈 says:

1:27쯤에 쯔위 인터뷰 해주는 사람 누구에요?

Grace Vandermark says:

Dahyun back at it again 3:09

사람 says:

정연 썅얼이 왜이렇게 이쁘지?

강승빈 says:


Purple7 rainbow says:

Jihyo is a mood
Soo cute😖💜

김진호 says:

2:19 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

modesto bandianon says:

dahyun is look in the camere

SashaDaDragon says:

Did everyone see Dahyun in the background while Sana was talking? 😂 Gotta love that girl!
You go Twice!

kim zzz says:

트와이스 이번 무대 너무 멋지고 좋아요bb

콤마 says:

트와이스 고유의 에너지와 좀더 걸크러쉬한 모습을 섞은 이번 앨범 넘 좋아요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

rodel aupag says:

sarangheayo jeongyeon <3 <3 <3
in good job twice (Y)

Jabez Pradhan says:

Tzuyu has a lisp , the lisp makes her sound more cute though .

サヘラントロプスチャデンシス says:


BTS A.R.M.Y says:


Tw. HProLê says:


szonja urbanics says:

3:08 Dahyun…

KAYÐEE says:

No one talking about Jihyo stuffing her face with food

Chanelle and Czarena Channel says:

Jeongyeon fans?

TV연듀곤듀 says:

원스에요 답글 달아주세용..ㅜㅜ

Drizzle Pause says:

Ok but how am I supposed to finish the video when jeongyeon's *ngmm?* at 00:04 just kills me😭❤ I can't stop replayinggg haaalp

Houria says:

Sooooo cuuuuuteeeeee💓💓🤧🤧💓💓

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