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The 5th Mini Album "What is Love?"
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The 1st Album "twicetagram"
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didn't know who they were at the time of the filming lol, imagine my surprise when i saw this video

Елизавета Сольчанская says:


ONCE says:

Lets stream LOA after this. The legendary debut song will soon to be 300M vi3ws❣✊

ONCE says:

9 reasons to love TWICE:

1. Nayeon
2. Jeongyeon
3. Momo
4. Sana
5. Jihyo
6. Mina
7. Dahyun
8. Chaeyoung
9. Tzuyu

12 years Kpop fan says:

Queens of spoiler 😍
Heart Shaker teasers everywhere lol

Nguyễn Thanh Thảo says:

Once fighting ❤🤘👍🔥💖

no , says:

oh no I like this..

Nguyễn Thanh Thảo says:

360M 🎉🎉🤘🤘❤😍😘🍭

顏蘊華 says:

Views:360M🎉💜 ->>>>>>>>> 400M ❤️
Likes:2.68M❤️ ->>>>>>>>> 3.00M 💜
Keep going 🔥

edrian colin says:

Saya suka twice sebab semua orang twice cantik yang paling saya suka di tzuyu sebab tzuyu canti sangat dari jisoo blakpink ni wow tzuyu so much

atari86 says:

Vancouver West Coast REPRESENT!

Divo Galindra says:

2019 and this is still by far my favorite song of Twice ever

Momo’s part is my favorite

TWICE can Sing better than you says:

The best of the best girl group for me😘

tti Chawngthu says:

Tzuyu so pretty

Gael Hernandez says:

TWICE el gg de la nación

Gael Hernandez says:

Vamos por los 2.7 milliones de likes once, VAMOS

Gael Hernandez says:

Sigan reproduciendo once vamos por los 400 milliones

Gael Hernandez says:

Voten por TWICE en los soompi awards VAMOS

park jihyo says:

Vamos por los 400 milliones

park jihyo says:

Sigan reproduciendo once

park jihyo says:

TWICE ya entró al Billboard social once, vamos con todo

park jihyo says:

Sigan votando por TWICE en los soompi awards

In Twice We Love says:

360m 👏👏👏👏👏👏🍭🍭💖✌🤟🤘🤙🤞🎈🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎆✨🎇

40m 👀👉 400m 😁🐧🙉🐶🦁🐭🐻🐯🐷🐹🐨🐼🐰🐇🐫🐍🐠🦀🐦😁

Onyi Onexi says:

사랑해요 태형😁😁

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