TWICE "Feel Special" Dance Practice Video

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TWICE “Feel Special” Dance Practice Video


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Drawan says:

Eyes: up and down, up and down uwu

Vera Valle says:

Twice:let’s all wear crop tops and not tell Tzuyu
Twice:lets all wear white tops and not tell Nayeon unnie

Lana says:

i miss mina😔
i hope she gets better soon and will rejoin the girls💜

Anita Devi says:

Sana look so good in her pink hair.

김다현 says:

Please do a part 2
With Mina

Marcus Alexius says:

Jeongyeon's kicks are expensive.

George Ama says:

When one of the members wear Sleeveless shirt

Kapo Wan says:

Sana so sexy

Hyelle ONCEUUU says:

TWICE: Let's wear white tops and not tell Nayeon

Nayeon: knows

Also Nayeon: I don't care I look GOOD

Stella Williams says:

I feel personally attacked by everyone's abs this comeback

Edd says:

After i've learned What is Love and Fancy choreo, i think their choreography is getting harder nowadays

Jada Tan says:

All twice members: lets all wear white crop tops but lets not say to Nayeon

Dva Licious says:

I badly need an OT9 feel special dance rn :<

heavenz02angel says:

Am I the only one here that's still missing Mina to this day? Man I feel empty without seeing her as often as before 🙁 Hope she's doing well #FeelSpecialforMina

Tignarita :P says:

Fam wheres mina theres only eight members present

park공원 says:

where are you from Minas? please come back

yang jaein says:

It's hurt for me watching this dance practice cause Mina not here

Anastasia Ratri says:

i think it's easier than fancy. i tried to dance the whole song of fancy and end up only can dance the chorus part. fancy is really hard

휴린김수지 says:

Oof…imma focus at my bias until this video is end….

Edit:maybe it's only me???😅😅😅

Ryana Rivera says:

Dear Mina, I wish we can see your beautiful smile and I wish that you can recover already we miss you

xx_fui says:

GOD!!!!! Love this ❤️

Dream Life says:

Nayeon is so cuteeeeeee!!!

Essa Blink é Once says:

what happend with Mina? someone could tell me, pls? (sorry of my bad english, i'm brazilian and i'm not fluent in english :')

yunicorn says:

Can we take a moment to appreciate the incredibly amazing choreographies Twice has had in recent comebacks? It's almost the point where I prefer the dance practice video over the actual MV lmao

H. D'Angelo says:

Cadê os BR?

Joana Mica Bechayda says:

Twice:lets all wear white tops and not tell nayeon

Nayeon:who cares I feel so special 🎶🤣

maica may says:

Everyone: let's wear this and not tell-

Twice: let's have a dance practice and not tell Mina

Yuni Potato says:

Tbh the dance is pretty easy
for me

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