TREI(트레이) – 멀어져(Gravity) Dance Practice (가까워져 Ver.)

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[#TREI] 트레이의 교복은 처음이죠? 교복 입은 트레이의 ‘멀어져(Gravity)’ 가까워져 Ver. 지금 전격 공개합니다!


#트레이 #이재준 #김준태 #채창현 #멀어져 #Gravity

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Büşra Bulut 박 뷰시아 says:


Laura Zoyke says:

I've been there since up and nike and I am soooo happy that they're finally receiving some deserved popularity. 🤝🥰

diamar10 says:

Jae Jun ♡…❤…❣
Chang Hyun ♡…❤…❣
Jun Tae ♡…❤…❣

Aylejia - JBJ95_SANGGYUN_KENTA says:

I found this group just 3 days ago but I'm already so in love with them ♥

esmeralda dbsk says:

Hot makeup free look! I heart Trei

MissFresh623 says:

Juntae take my heart awayyy !!

im potato says:

im amazed at how sync they are + the choreo is so cool

JIN JIN says:

얘네들 mr제거 듣고 깜놀했어요 .cd를 삼켰더군요.노래도 너무 좋고~

Taekeyy Lee says:

Thanks to Hallyupopfest SG. I'm gonna stan and support Trei ❤️. Hwaiting…JaeJun, JunTae & Changhyun. 😍😍😍

Justina Chaia says:

stan trei fools 🐝🐝

종현최 says:

i spot produce 101 skskkss

Weird Trash says:

They're so in sync!!

Hồng Hạnh Vũ says:


julyacass says:

changyun changhyun changhyun changhyun changhyun❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dajessi Nxxna says:

Este es uno de mis debut favoritos de este año 😍😍

Daly Xx says:


LesterBunny 21 says:

Chorea seems so difficult to learn aaahh!! My brain >-<

Seiki Fushida says:

I listen to this song EVERYDAY.

Crazy Cat says:

JAEJUN and CHANGYUN 😍😍😍 Love them since MIXNINE era.

Crazy Cat says:

JAEJUN and CHANGYUN 😍😍😍 Love them since MIXNINE era.

한솔 says:

크 머시따

sofia ramirez says:

estos chicos realmente hacen sonreir.

xoxo btob says:

underrated talented pips

Kee LJH says:

Juntae my bias <3

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