Tiffany Young Performs 'Dance The Night Away' & 'Over My Skin'

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Tiffany Young stopped by the 1043MYfm studio to perform 'Dance The Night Away' (also known as I Just Wanna Dance) and her new single 'Over My Skin!'

#TiffanyYoung #KPop #IJustWannaDance

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KyuwonCarat says:

Isn’t it I just wanna dance?

l keaisixu says:


Ayessa Camille Suba says:

Her vocals here is undeniably good

Malikmalik Abdulabdul says:

Lipsync again huh

rockcaQはちまき says:


dayana delgado says:


zee vha says:

Falling in love with Her voice

DH says:

darth vader is your father, tifany

hailee Kid says:


Aniloj Aliesh Nasilarap says:

4:45 man on organ feelin it

Perry Malier says:

omg that “put is right here” is cute

hasnol amri says:

Youngone here 💕❤️

hasnol amri says:

Goddess ❤️❤️💕

Kelly Chung says:

She reminds me so much of Madison Beer lol

Jennifer Huang says:

she's radiant :')

haru haru says:

Lol who thought she’s going to sing twice’s song?😂

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