Tiffany Young – Over My Skin (Official Music Video)

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Over My Skin (Official Music Video)

Meet “Professor T” of the Young Pop Academy.

If you’ve enrolled in her class, you will be given a brief commentary on what society pushes artists towards in today’s world, and given the situations from the Professor's own experience where she had to overcome any insecurities and find confidence in her own skin. She takes her class through the POP101 course broken into these lessons... Lesson 1: own your style... Lesson 2: werk that social media... Lesson 3: Facing Criticism ... Lesson 4 :focus on the music, and in the end, Lesson 5 : taking your career in your own hands + learning all crafts.

Hope you enjoy class and let me know your favorite scene in the comments!


Listen now:



Music Video by Proper Form.



Grace Tallo says:

I love how she turns into a singer after being a professor 😍

Lesleigh Aranjuez says:

still my favorite eng song of Tiffany

Kenny Sy says:

Twinkle feels

taetae bts says:

I think this is you Tiffany!!!

Shindy Sang says:

love this kind of music, suits with her. 😍😍😍


The 9000th to comment this mv

Ahmad Musaddiq says:

Guys don't forget to MASS VOTE Tiffany this last 4 days only . The votes reported by iHeartRadio 2/3 days ago are very close .

Rimayeon YT says:

Try 'Over my skin' to 5M✌🏻✌🏻
Fighting for Tiffany!💗💗

alizah padilla says:

the beautiful beat of the song and the voice of Tiffany Young

BBH-04 Sara says:

Who's here after Lips On Lips? 🙌

Erica Kam says:

0:07 shes so pretty in a ponytail

korea lover says:

first time listening to it,where was i,im back to life 😲😱😱

Anggita Hutami Ratnaningsih says:

So far gap viewers below solo by Jennie, but have no gap in quality. What's wrong?

thao dinh says:


BloodCaroline says:

Goal Not Barbie, Runaway Feat. Babyface and The Flower: 5M views

euga says:

WOW, this is great!! 🔥🔥

djlsofjb piwe says:

켈리클락슨이 들려…

Belle Nuez says:

yasss 3mil <3

angel delossantos says:


menina _poesia says:

Que voz maravilhosa😍
Essa mulher é de se admirar em todos os sentidos

조꿀벌 says:

삼백만 가즈아~

chedulswiftie. says:

i wish i was a skinny legend like tiffany

Sarah Dania says:

This is fucking BOP

lMissC3 says:

I can imagine TTS singing this song. 🙂

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