Tiffany Young – Lips On Lips Lyrics

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↬ song : lips on lips
↬ album : lips on lips
↬ release date : 14.02.19

❥ lyrics : genius

↝ requests are open ˘͈ᵕ˘͈


Lovely Grace Serafin says:

Why Yellow? Why not Pink?😂

Yessaven Formentera says:

I thought they go was lego😂

Alejita in ur area says:

Such a beautifull song now I stan tiffany young

MagicPotato Is here says:

Kpop in English hmmm Nioce👍🏻

Faissah Cachumbo says:

It's been months but it's still a bop! ❤

Ayu Sonia says:

Tiffany lips on lips

라라 says:


Lipsy says:

This is the song that i don't want to get enough.

Lily Santiago says:

Why does she remind me of Mark Tuan in this pic

TianaTheFujoshi says:

Memo Sama Estudios brought me there

InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveluvMeU says:

Tiffany is an angel. Can't change my mind. <3

Jenny Garcia says:

I absolutely love this song.

Sky Blue says:

You should make it pink since it's Tiffany haha but then, sweet yellow fit Tiffany so well. Geez

Ar. Jerico Paulo Jacinto says:

this song is amazing

iixcarmen says:

I literally watch this music video everyday

It's Sophia says:

playlist of seventeen please

Lee Dreamieedin says:

Mba yur suara mirip ariana:v

ali uwuq says:

how can you not like this 💖💞💗💓💓

lulu here says:

this song is really made my day

Eureka Shield The Ark says:

Her songs keep getting better 🤩

Milinda is Better Than You says:

That picture of Tiffany, the taste

CL_Forever 2204 says:

Can you make playlists??

Thúy Nga says:

all her songs in #lipsonlips ep

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