Taeyeon breaks down crying while Lee Hi singing 'Breathe' -The most moving moment today

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Taeyeon breaks down crying while Lee Hi can not sing the jonghyun tribute song at 32nd Golden Disk Awards.

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Snigdha_siri Bheemreddy says:

I don't wanna receive any hate😣 for this but TBH I didn't even know who he was😣😣…..later when I saw abt him after his death😭😭 it was so painful😭 that I cried😭 everyday😭 though I didn't know who he was🤐 u don't know how hard it hit me😭😭 n that song lyrics just kill me every time I listen to it…. lee hi's voice made it heaven! I'm still crying 😭😭😭

Paul the 2 marek Sørensen says:

Please be healthy and strong girl. We got you’re back and here to help you feel better.

Yeol Kang says:


Cherry Kook says:

😭so touching


I cant forget jonghyun's death..i always cry everyday…bcs the person who give me inspirations when twice is not an group at that time is dead…and its still hurting me i dont why..i cant understand myself..call me dramatic or what….but my feelings will never change..SARANGHAE MY JONGHYUN..I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU…

Serchhip Chelsea says:


kkan kkan says:

No. I can't see taeyeon crying. If taeyeon crying i will cry too.


I cred when she started crying she did amazing❤❤So touching

ღkim jennie ღ \ says:


A.O suga says:


Rey Manik says:

Oh please don't craying….. so touching me….god bless you all

Marvel Xhandler says:

Ending your own life is not the best solution with it's troubles but simply face them and win

Wajd Hamdi says:

Rest In Peace jonghyun💔

Martha Sibanda says:

its a wee shame. I cried with her too. I am really feeling her pain. It's hard to lose people you care for. Stay strong Lee Hi

yo mama. says:

Some day i will die and i will meet you jonghyun

Sammy P says:

I still find it hard to breathe thinking about how he no longer is here with us. It’s so devastating. I still cannot say his name or think about him without breaking down into tears.

Welen says:

eu sinto muito Jesus te ama te amo ele fez o bem gosto dele

hakuna mytaehyung says:

That must suck

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