TAEYANG – '눈,코,입(EYES,NOSE,LIPS)' in MAMA 2014

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TAEYANG - 눈,코,입(EYES,NOSE,LIPS) M/V @ http://youtu.be/UwuAPyOImoI

TAEYANG - 새벽한시(1AM) M/V @ http://youtu.be/flVkp4S8CMc

Download on iTunes @ http://smarturl.it/TAEYANG_RISE


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Nguyễn Ngọc says:


Aakriti Bhandari says:

I'm in awe this is so breathtaking lord

Kaydance Ard says:

It’s so beautiful ❤️

sjjxd dudud says:

씨~~~발 관객들 존 나 처따라부르네
이런 잔잔하고 감정있는 노래는 가수혼자 몰입하고 집중할 수 있게 해줘야 되는데 존나따라부르고 함성지르네 짜증나게

진정한 팬이면 따라 불를 노래가 있고
따라 부르지 않고 가수 혼자 몰입할 수 있게 해줘야 되는 노래 구별도 못하냐??????

A Z says:

I really don't like Bigbang but this song is kinda making me love them

Kaka Eagle says:

The first i loved KPop from my girl via this song about 2014 😭 *sadboy

Quan Nguyen says:

Love this song

mream mream says:

💕the starry big bang 💕

Zuleha Leha says:

I love this voice

super wow style nd trends tamanna says:

Best soothing voice of KPop….😍😍😍

Maulidia putri p says:

That's true man , first i heard his news is about his married:'

Jelaine Joy says:

I got goosebumps listening to this song. Such a beautiful voice😍 Need an english version for this.

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