Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents "Sephiroth"

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Watch the full Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation featuring Sephiroth and see what the One-Winged Angel can do! Sephiroth arrives 12/22 and is available as a part of the Fighters Pass Vol. 2!

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wizzythe gamerX says:


Dantron458 says:

Can you put spiderman in smash please. I really want to see this.

Tyler Tangwan says:

Can You add Bandana Waddle dee next from Kirby Fighters 2

NaDia Black says:

I wonder if a 3ds Mario would be in ultimate his moves might be the same but its different

Kirby Kirbo says:

Why ia this age restricted?

Heather Draws says:

If there able too add , V from the devil may cry series as a DLC…🥺

Cats eat meow mix says:

Monokuma needs to be in smash

Aidan Holguin says:

Kiddy and dixie for smash and rip geno

Sigma San says:

Something interesting: For both FF characters in Smash, one of the Mii Fighter costumes in both presentations was Geno.

Jose Tzuban says:

among us for dlc in smash

Wendy Boudreaux says:

You know what since we got sans and cuphead as miis, I hope bendy becomes a fighter

ZFX says:

Waluigi will be the final DLC fighter revealed at the end of smash ultimate mark my words

Timothy Thompson says:

Sakura can you do Among Us fighters pass please

chipi 4 says:

This man is So wholesome

Kraby says:

That's cool and all but, can he beat goku?

Ahmad Akram says:

You right sakurai good sephiroth but is 2021

isaac daigle says:

Please Monster hunter for next character please please 🙏🙏🙏

Patrick Gildersleeve says:

Please add amoug us to smash

Ae Gi says:

Came here for the frame talk. It’s revolutionary.

Matthew Smith says:

That’s weird I just got him from the challenges

Xd preditor says:

Two things we didn’t get a house tour and second he said his job is never boring so we’re do I sight ?

Onigiru says:

Ok guys but hear me out. Viewtiful Joe for smash?

Internet Lizard says:

"Sorry, this content is age-restricted."

Detouou says:

More evil characters please Sakurai, why not adding Nemesis from resident evil next ? 🙂
There is some spirits related to the series

I've been waiting for This! says:

Persona 3 Protagonist? Mii fighter
Geno? oh no..

Ngân Thủy says:

Phoenix Wright next?

Yael Lopèz says:

Super smash bros PACK Mametchi super Meat boy Klonoa SORA Shantae Playstation character – Xbox characters Yes No

Blush y says:

3ds joycons?

CaptainN209 says:

Sakurai, bring Captain N The Game Master to Smash

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