Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents Minecraft DLC Reveal

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Following a brief tease, Nintendo has announced the next fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It’s Steve from Minecraft, the blocky pickaxe-wielding hero!

The presentation showed a few alternate skins: Alex, Enderman, and Zombie. We also got a brief glimpse at a Minecraft-themed stage, which appears to be able to swap between different biomes. The trailer showed a forest as it appears lush and green, wilted in the fall, and snowy in the winter.


TheStobe84 says:

Nintendo removed this video so keep it uploaded.

Comrade SKYSVR says:

I’m amazed that this legend plays Minecraft.
Like, it really shows “that’s a game for five year olds” is a really dumb saying for Minecraft.

John Turner says:

Next up for the 11 year olds we introduce Jonsey from fort nite

YANA says:

We got a new meme

Benjamin Gray says:

we need a petition to nuke japan a 3rd time to make them add waluigi and if they dont nuke them more until they do

Benjamin Gray says:

the only possible theroy i accepted of why waluigi was not added in smash was cause he was a meme character and to preserve sakurais sanity did not add him so pepole would not start begging for all meme characters but if im correct sans got in and now THIS now sakurais trolling is on full display adds 2 meme characters in the game yet not waluigi

SuperMemeBros says:

bruh moment

Xhader Core says:

As a fellow programmer, I know the feeling of Sakurai when he said "they think this all happens by magic or something" XD

O.O.A.K Shash says:

Steve backing up and sealing the cave when he sees the creeper is accurate

Creeper dark green imposter says:

Why am i not in smash

Joshua Thomas says:

Don't you think they should add like a Street fighter character?

Andre Alperowitch says:

I love how Mario's terrified while steves like, "YuMmY sTeAk"

Animated Angel says:

I wonder how crowded that mural of all the fighters is after all these fighters

Sadcmo says:

It’s finally a thing after all the memes…..

Scott D says:

10yr old me Smashing Nintendo and Microsoft Together


E Lindsey says:

i wish there is a dream skin

E Lindsey says:

i love how the remix sounds like an anime opening

Cool Konch reboot says:

When is it coming out

Cpt. Yandere says:

Wake me up when Microsoft will buy Nintendo.

TravellingVoid says:

2:48 lel troll

Fun League says:

Minecraft steve and his victory steak

Гарфилд Garfield says:

Fan mades: ** HOW WE DO IT.

Quixotes says:


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