Super Smash Bros Direct 1/16/2020 – Mr Sakurai Presents 5th DLC Character revealed!

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mr Sakurai Presents the 5th DLC Fighter for Super Smash Bros Direct 1/16/2020. Just who is the 5th Character? Ryu? Dante? Sora? or Crash Bandicoot? FINALLY all will be revealed in the First Nintendo Direct of 2020!

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John Jandovitz says:

"I'm happy for 2020"


Gabe Nwagbala says:

0:36 Amber Checking her phone.

Laura Sekela says:

Am I the only person who is happy that byleth is in smash?

Reaper of Things says:

You can hear the Morgana in Sothis’s voice lol. “Show the World!” Is Sothis version of Morgana’s “We will surely… TAKE THE WORLD!”
Edelgard is just as evil as Dimitri, saying evil girl makes me think of Kronya.

Tiger X says:

Here's some I could see being added, but some might be a stretch. I couldn't choose just six.
Akira Howard – Astral Chain (who I thought we were getting)
Jibanyan – Yo-Kai Watch
Shadow the Hedgehog
Zael – The Last Story
Pyra or Rex – Xenoblade 2
Jill Valentine or Ada Wong – Resident Evil
King Boo – Luigi's Mansion 3
Sora – Kingdom Hearts 3
Crash (what's one more mascot character)
Misako and Kyoka – River City Girls

Which if these would people like to see among the next six DLC fighters?

Emister Turboman says:

TBH, there's no reason why Sora shouldn't be in Smash. He deserves a spot. Other guesses would be Crash, Dante, Geno, All Might (not joking, it would be cool for him to shout to the fighters "I AM HERE" ) or an Anime character, and Ratchet and Clank( again not joking).

Lightning Storm says:

Amber For SMASH!! Amber rants in

Lightning Storm says:

In my opinion they should add
1: Toad breaks free
2: Waddle de Takes the cake (from kirby)
3: sora gives all his heart to the battle
4: Rabbid peach Is in the picture
5: Shadow brings in the caos
6: Shantea Waves her hair
(And crash banducoet Somehow)

Allan Vang says:

Blyeth was not just thrown into Smash. They really outdid themselves this time. 4 maps into one, 11 songs, and it would be a crime to say he's a Marth, Ike, and Roy clone.

Cloud Strife says:

I didn't manage to watch the direct but after finding out about the eight Fire Emblem character, I am glad I haven't waste my time on it.

Timothy says:

Who else is going to play three houses now

Samuel Dudgeon says:

Another sword character?! Sakurai why…

Jay Arzu says:

I wanted sora….yea I’m gonna cry in the corner….

TheZero1312 says:

Who's this again? Said with a tone of disinterest. I approve!!!!
Needless to say, I'm seriously mad and disappointed.
They could've give us something creative, but NOOOOO!!!!!

Adam Burgess says:

What I like most is the Altair costume for the mii sword fighter, although I would have preferred Edward’s robes since he’s my favorite. On the other hand I believe they should have made it Ezio’s robes since I’m fairly certain he has the largest fan base.

MrAuthor3DS says:

The only third-party Mii costumes left to see from For are:
– Rathalos Armor
– Hunter's Mail
– Heihachi Mishima
– Lloyd Irving
– Gil
– Chocobo
– Geno

DragonKnight90001 says:

Sothis: who are you?
Morgana: i could ask the same thing

SHD Agent David B. says:

I missed the stream due to not being able to sleep at night :(. Byleth is announced for Ultimate—cool!

spider hulk 26 says:

Altair !! 🙂

Steve B says:

Stupid we're getting another Fire Emblem character. Fire Emblem has More than enough representation already! Announcing the Next Round of DLC fighters softened the blow a bit. Let's hope Byleth is the Final FE representation we get in this game,if not,I'm gonna be very pissed.

As to the 6 DLC fighters I want them to announce next? I'd have to go with Master Chief (unlikely,but would be cool) or Shante,The Lee Brothers (billy with jimmy as an echo fighter),Ryu Hayabusa (complete with NES era specials),Crono (from chrono trigger,rather see him than sora),Chun-Li (or as a mii costume),and Tifa Lockheart. And those are just my main picks. Alternate picks include: Spyro the Dragon,Crash Bandicoot,Lara Croft (unlikely,but possible),Knuckles,Dr.Eggman,and Bass.

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