[Super K-Pop] DAY6(데이식스)s singin' live "Shoot Me" (Acoustic ver)

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DAY6(데이식스) paid a visit to Super K-Pop!
Check out the live performances of their amazing song 'Shoot Me' only on this video.

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Lilly C says:

They're an idol band but don't feel like it if you know what I mean. I'm not trashing idols as I love em just its so different

Aynur Tagizade says:

OMG! How l didn't know them?! Right now l'm a new fan..But wait l must learn their name… 😊

got7 fish says:

Fall in love again

Seon Min says:

No hay cosa con tanta arte en este maldito mundo que Day6.

andin anindita says:

love u day6 :>

Anonymous says:

Who’s the guy in pink?

kth bae says:

Do you believe that people can fall in love with voices?!?!?!

Me before knowing day6 exists : no wtf

Me after knowing day6 exists : FReakInG YESSSS

i love jjk says:

i love them and them only

parks_ jams says:

Why have Dowoon no lines;-;?

hahalala tralala says:

Bruh…. i-

namjoons-unshaken-hand says:

Jae's voice still blows me away

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