Stray Kids "Grrr 총량의 법칙" Fan Featuring Guide Video

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Stray Kids “Grrr 총량의 법칙” Fan Featuring Guide Video

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yoonmin tus patrones says:

Los gritos de I.N.😂😂💟

patos o patas? says:

I love MinHo face

MinHo: ._.

patos o patas? says:

0:15 Jeong In: AHHHHHHHHHH!! (with dolphin voice)

Kavya Ajith says:

is nobody else wondering why jisung and hyunjin are tooooooooooooooooooooo close……

Claudia M. says:

I'm proud to say I was already there

Zahra Cyrilla H says:

stay has more line than felix

Maria Jesus Paez Flores says:

I truly believe Minho was high😂

Karina Silveira Pereira says:

Mano, changlix namora mtt aaaaa

페레즈Aritzel says:

la voz de Félix me enamora es hermosa 😍💕

TRX JB says:

Summary when scroll the comment

1 Felix touch his hat
2 Stays soon to be a rapper

elsaisweird says:

they're so cool, wish guys in my school are like this

mosca y topo says:


Jacky Baduria says:

I just really love how they're all wearing the same shirt, the shirt that Bang Chan specially made for them:(

Sandra Henriksson says:


Jenn Palad says:

i so miss felix's dark hair :–((

I eat the Moon says:

Hyunjin’s black hair with that arm LORD ID NECK MY SELF

I eat the Moon says:

I love the boy in black shirt 😌👌

DaeunDances says:

wait were hyunjin and han not friends at this point they look really close ah

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