[Special Clip] 강다니엘 (KANG DANIEL) – 뭐해 (What are you up to) / Dance Practice Ver.

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[Special Clip] 강다니엘 (KANG DANIEL) – 뭐해 (What are you up to) / Dance Practice Ver.

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koya kun2 says:

Good job, u had hard work 🙂

Leoni Hack says:

watching him since pd101 makes me proud of him more..

Lyren April says:

Kang Daniel 😍

phatcharaporn reckiam says:

I love you more than you love cat

이정민의와이프 says:

still streaming his touchin'

bucinnya si Ganteng Kasep says:

Tes pacar ganteng d sini khemm wwk

Prima Zaza says:

Kang Daniel comeback teaser for TOUCHIN' : https://youtu.be/CTNYNDKk5rY
Go watch it, it's already so promising !

design Ino says:

Good morning, our lovely Daniel and Danity😊 …your teaser is a BOMB😎👍

intan hermawati says:

I will always support you … I am always there for you … I see you from here

kk luv says:

my love ❤❤

Lyren April says:

Woahhh i can't wait for Kang Daniel touchin 🔥🔥💥

whywhyk says:

Our hardworking new singer/special MC/Mr.CEO/goddaniel, fighting (❁´ω`❁) !!! (stay away tired out )

Azierah Azhar says:

Kang daniel come back even stronger ✊

bibi nana says:

Kang daniel💓💓💓

Dusk memo says:

What if he do this dance cover on the street without people knowing it was him..
😂it would be an epic surprise..

irlane x2 says:

idk how else to explain it, but daniel is so cool in this. like he made these moves look like butter on toast and just had so much swag that actually wasn’t cringe and looked so natural


Love watching this practice video 👍👍

daniel lw says:


junjun roh says:

#강다니엘 #뭐해 안무 영상 너무 좋아요 #KangDaniel 앞으로 안무 영상 오조오억개 부탁해요ㅋㅋ

yra10 orb says:

" Your Talent determines what you can do. Your Motivation determines how much you are willing to do. YourAttitude determines How Well You Do It"😊

? ,. k says:

보아도 보아도 다녤 춤선은 예술이다

ruoyu zhou says:

I love Daniel so much💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 @danielk_konnect #강다니엘 #KangDaniel #daniel #姜丹尼尔 #カンダニエル #คังแดเนียล

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