[Special] 데이식스 도운 'Sweet Chaos' 픽스캠 (DAY6 DOWOON FIXCAM)│191024 M COUNTDOWN

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[Special] 데이식스 도운 ‘Sweet Chaos’ 픽스캠 (DAY6 DOWOON FIXCAM)│191024 M COUNTDOWN

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Sabrina Ashikin says:

Yes, yes, yessss I will listen to this forever even if my ear drums hurt 😂😂

지효진 says:

자막친히 넣어주시는 정성무엇..?
서비스가 과해서 넘치는데;; 도운이만의 시크한 까리함이 있어…
데이식스는 노래로 입덕하고 얼굴로 출구봉쇄 한다던데 데식이들 최고

야옹 says:

올해 가장 짜릿한 영상 1위

dhea says:


먼필여친챌비 says:

엠카 최고의 음방^^ 최고체고^^~~~ 변태

dwi wulan says:

dedek doun bayu bedak bayi

Unknown Fan says:

My baby💙

CatLaBaeK says:

Wow didn't know that Dowoon could be THIS handsome just drumming like bRO

Azeya Paderes says:

i come back to this video regularly to keep myself in dowoon's lane

ky v says:

now t h i s is the content i signed up for

hye txwmay says:

This cam shot is doing things to me that I can’t comprehend

shape mark says:

4분 내내 드럼치는 남정네의 얼굴리 너무 좋아서 계속 보게된다

Yujin Ann says:


breezy mocha says:

watching dowoon play the drum is so satisfying. as you can see he really loves drum. one of the most talented drummer i ever know ❤️ okay, i’m dead when he smile to youngk 😭🥺

purple monster says:


NADA R ندى ر says:

I've been Dowoon biased ever since i got into DAY6 and got to know the members more… I myself play the drums sometimes and i gotta say it looks easier than it is… Playing drums requires a lot of hand muscles and focus and he has them both!! So much respect for him and i adore him a lot!!
Loved DAY6 comeback so much!!

ji dragoff says:

lucu banget sih anak siapaaa

HOW YOU NOW IM NOT BIG? ahgase says:

Me encanto esta cancion

Jihan Eliza says:

Sungguh cipataan mu Ya Allah 🧡🧡😄

Hadzqia Auliani says:

01:42 Alright, Dowoon double kill with that smile

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