Singers and Celebrities You Didn't Know Smoked Cigarettes (HD)

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Meditation Impromptu 01‏ بأداء Kevin MacLeod‏ وتحمل ترخيص Creative Commons Attribution‏ (‏)


Clea Monster says:

Lady Gaga rarely smokes

Clea Monster says:

Some are fake for cosplay and acting

KGK vlogs says:

Nicky is fake you can see it

Wak Bourne says:

All very weak-minded people smoking is for losers

Lucas Vonderheide says:

anyone gonna talk ab how katy looks like a mid 20 year old waitress that dresses like a white girl but talks ghetto?

sam oliveira says:

Not gonna lie, I'm a singer and I'm here just to see how much smoking affects my voice… Cos I don't want to stop

Turtle Music Studios says:

Adele stopped because she got a surgery lol

Era Sinanaj says:

They smoke because they have a perfect life and they want a normal life they smoke to forgot the stres 💁🏻‍♀️

Wyatt Roswell says:

This video seems sus

My Old Channel says:

Adele looks sexy smoking.

Edit: only in the first picture

Jazzmiin Love says:

What's up with the slow, somber, funeral music lol

BB says:

Y'all think celebs can't smoke? I think everyone does ngl they're still people like everyone else.

GlamCam 84 says:

Why that music though lol. Thanks for the vid


Bcz they are tired tho, they need something to keep them rest

super hero says:

beyonce didn't smoked

doitee52 says:

Really dumb

Indra Guragain says:

Does Mac miller smoke

VGE iLMG says:

Beyonce smokes cigars

james 24 says:

So pretty much all the good ones

Chad Guindon says:

I am NOT a famous singer but I do sing. I am also a habitual cigarette and weed smoker. People shouldn't judge what others do….no one is perfect.

Trains ‘N Sirens says:

The Selena Gomez one is fake cigs, they are for a film.

B M says:

Beyonce smokes 😳😲

pray to says:

why sad music?

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