Selena Gomez – The Heart Wants What It Wants (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Selena Gomez performing The Heart Wants What It Wants. (C) 2014 Hollywood Records, Inc.
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George Correa says:

Much love ❤️😘 Selena Gomez.

Dollar Bill says:

This Selena song really relate to us all in such confused love state..Sometimes u dont get to be with the one u truly love nd no matter what u gonna always love de person..

Rofiatun Roza says:

When heard this song my tears 😭 Can’t stop rimember when first time l has dating with my x

Real world Ali yousafzai says:

I can give you good happiness

Real world Ali yousafzai says:

Saleena like you

Jasmine Nonie says:

I love you selena.. Fighting

Ольга Ларченко says:

Детка😘я тебя так понимаю😔😌😔

let me sleep says:

She's so kind and beautiful

Gruger Lavin Silvano says:

ouch"!!!!… 2019 y recién escucho esta canción, no me canso de escucharla!!! :"c

Gracielle Paiva says:

Está música tem tudo a ver comigo e meu grande amor

emily perez says:

I live for this song

German Shepherd says:

Its so relatable, thanks Selena.

Luis Negron says:

She is soo sexy! This song is beautiful

Eduardo Korrea says:

12 april 2019

زهرة الكرز says:

Selena my life is not better than yours

hodan abdi says:

Selena Gomes❤️❤️❤️

Imama Raza says:

U guys don't want ppl to bring selena in justin and Hailey's marriage so why u guys r bringing justin in it stop it they move on u guys should also

Rabindra Prusty says:


Samia Kadi says:

It's hurt when your heart being briken..and his heart fixed by someone else😢😢💔💔


I cry with it every single day

Rashi Dodeja says:

April 2019 still the pain is same…..

Debaghi Amel says:

شكون مفهم والو 😂
بصح انا فهمت😏

Aditya Kumar says:

Nice song. She looks so deject in this video.

abhaykumar upadhyay says:


Rodrigo Martins O.S. says:

Am I the only one who hears "what the fuuuck, wow! what the fuuuck, wow"… at the beginning before the song starts?

I r says:


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