SATURDAY(세러데이) – WiFi(와이파이) M/V

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SATURDAY(세러데이) – WiFi (와이파이) 뮤직비디오

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IThe Magical Unicorn CatI says:

Wait that actually so sad this song is so cute!! Damn really the definition of underrated kpop group

귀요미지이니 says:


PinkieRabbit says:

Saturday fighting! 💜

`꽃다솜 says:

세러데이 보면 모모랜드가 생각나는거 나만 그런가?


I think most of Saturday's fans are from Brazil?! I can see it in the comments. I'm a Filipino.


0:06 Selfie! Lol!
By the way, I love Saturday now! If they finally have a Fan name, I want it to be called "WEEKEND!" I am a new fellow Weekend here! Like if you're a weekend, too!

Edit: Never mind about Weekend. Sunday! I am a new Sunday here! Haha!


wow they’re so amazing! i want to stan them now uwu

Faith S says:

wow mayhaps ill stan

เอนา นุ says:


Tsundere Child says:

Boom Boom 4.0.

Cotton Socks says:

Somehow this really reminds me of momoland…

Still love the girls tho ! Saturday is so cute

Girl with Luv says:

This is so good!💛

stan clc says:

I don’t know why but I heard this song somehow but I’ve never heard about these girls
So, now I will keep an eye on them, they’re so mesmerizing 💖

Felicia Magnusson says:

Soooo cute!! Did I cry? Perhaps!

neovip says:

this is so good!

angry hater says:

1:44 who is she?
please help me ~

Anette Kumpulainen says:

They are so cute💘

Anny Major says:

Been trying to find this song forever… I kept searching for 'the one that said Sailor V at the beginning'… Yeah, just rom'd it.😭

edit: No shade; its very obvious now. I just have Sailor Moon on the mind WAY too much…

Smoothy Lytchi says:

I hope you will receive more notoriety and so much love on your next songs because you deserve it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

【Bitter Sweet】 says:

How do you Call Saturday's fans? Cuz I am one

twitterienne says:

eng subs :((((

mehkyla yoon says:

Its crazy that the beginning sounds like twit by hwasa but they were released at the same date dksndksnksns

noice smort says:

While I don't really like this song I think Saturday could really get somewhere if only they got more attentioooooon

Sleepy Sloth says:

When they debuted??

milla says:

i'm so happy i found this, they are adorable and this song is SO ADDICTIVE

Mashiro Shiina says:

The Most Underrated Kpop Group
they're all really good, the company just need to promote the group

Fly My Mood says:

Good luck girls. It's cool song and mv. I liked.

n.jewells says:

when i first heard this song i really thought they ripped off bboom bboom but the more you listen to it the more you can appreciate its unique sound LOVE IT!

Ina loves says:

The first music is similar to Hwasa's Twit ❣

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