Sakurai's Secret in Min Min's Classic Mode?

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In the last DLC, there was a confirmed secret in Classic Mode. Let’s see what Sakurai’s secret is this time with Min Min! Did you notice something we didn’t? Let us know in the comments!

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Tyler Brown says:

These two have a great back and forth

Dumb Stuff says:

samus was dr coyle and i guess mega man was helix

Halpe Halpe says:

purple is AT LEAST A 9/10

ChemyNoSurfea says:

These two are always a joy to watch

Prof. JermZ says:

The top tier: "I love my mom" shirt.

Love it!

Scientific Tails says:

Now I don't feel so alone in thinking Arms music is overrated.

Jeremiah Staab says:

I want to see them co op every characters classic mode now lol

- Hyper - says:

8:29 bruh moment.

Nichlink says:

Salem knew about and tacitly condoned sexual abuse. By continued association, so does Mew2King.

Vilager66 says:

Don't lie, you didn't know that they both had separate YouTube channels

quark1235 says:

2:00+ Gee, i wonder why two characters with cannons on their arms are placed in a classic mode for a character that has different things for arms

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