Real Life Trick Shots Dude Perfect REACTION!

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Real Life Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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Alex Gonzalez says:

Who else got this in there recommended out of nowhere

King Kong Wei wei says:

If he was reacting to this now he would be like “crazy thing is that I actually remember doing that exact same trick shot but the issue was… I didn’t have the cameras on”

Daniel Dilawri says:

Who’s here during “another year to carry, it’s January”

Daniel Dilawri says:

Who’s watching in quarantine in January 2021

Geovanni Martinez says:

Wow I'm watching this in 2020 lol he looks,sounds,and acts different lol

ryan wang says:

Panda: exists
Flight: kOaLa

Chronicles ML says:

Who else watching this in 2021?

James McGlone says:

Who else is dead after listening to him say koala instead of panda

Joe Bamba 5 says:

Anyone watching in 2021?

BLACK GOAT - says:

Another year to carry its january

Zac McLennan says:

Who got this recommended in 2021

I am cool I am cool says:

Lmao I'm in 2021

Duffey Nicku says:

2021 anyone?

Andrew Lim says:

Flight prolly be saying he did this shit with no cameras on

Andrew Lim says:

Curry and do better no 🧢

RpM_Breezy says:

Who else is here during,”another year to carry, It’s January”

TikTokvids 123 says:

Who’s here in 2021? Only me ok 🙂

MaxPLAYZ104 says:

Its a Panda

JT19 Playz says:

Who else saw this in their recommended section and watched it???

it is m says:

He seriously called the zebra a koala. Cmon they’re not that similar

OSD Opowers says:

he said koala bear

Stanley Nguyen says:

"Look at Koala man, so creative"

Haji Ibrahim says:

The back back one

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