[Real GOT7 Season 2] episode 1. "A" story Making Film

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[Real GOT7 Season 2] episode 1. "A" story Making Film

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itsmerayssa says:

can someone tell me what they are filming, im new here 🙂

Falak daddy says:

Omg predebut Sana 😂❤️

Hakuna Matata says:

By the way, what happened to Jinyoungs arm?

Jaqui mercado says:

Jinyoung was fine when he was filming his part at 15:31 but when it was Yg part he all the sudden had a cast on at 17:09

Anastasia Eugene says:

7:35 wait for ittt

Nida Khan says:

Just the fact that all the cast and crew knew this was the cringiest thing they'd done and they still went for it. 🤣🤣🤣

Yugyeom’s Smile says:


_Itz_ Ellah_ says:

Definitely didn't come because of the Jackson meme.

Code Breaker says:

Why is Jinyoung hurt? 17:15 🙁

Mark Is A G00d Boi says:


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