Producer Reacts to Whee In "Easy"

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In this episode the Producer checks out the groovy new solo music video “Easy” featuring versatile rapper Sik-K sung by Whee In of MAMAMOO!

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بوتركي 1982 says:


winter mellow says:

Its 10/10 the moment it was played… hahahaha.. this made me fall hard for wheein

grace ababan says:

Man, your bass speaking voice! Im a fan of smart commentaries and since you love Wheein, subbed!

shivinishake says:

“christ” me too dude

ebi says:


Amber Tirbhowan says:

React to Hwasa's new song – Twit

Haneul Soo says:

what up boy !!!!

趙恬 says:


Sapriste says:

I like how you set up this review. Keep close to the screen since you asked. Love your review style as well. You pay attention and are authoritative.

Luka Johanson says:

is it HWASA oH mY gOD

 literally me

Athena Kang says:

i love jeonghan's picture in a frame

夏依諾 says:

I like your rankings oh my you made me laugh
10 /10

read buk says:

Wheein ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Colleen Han says:


Tj 565 says:

React to melody day Restless please

Julia says:

Please react to Sik K Music videos <3 He just came out with a new one too

Potatoes and Tomatoes says:

I really love this kind of groovy vibe ,and i love it when artists hit the high notes with a sassy/husky voice. Like not saying the real high note is not my fav (in ballad it literally kills me like in Taeyeon's U R) but wheein just made it really sexy

fiona brooks says:

You can switch it up sometimes I admire both

Steph _ says:

As a MooMoo, when you looked really confused I was nervous as to what you were gonna say but the first thing you said was “this is 10/10, first of all”❤️😭

ChrisBrengel says:

You had me at "The lighting is beautiful." So I'm not the only one who notices things like this with MVs? Thank you!

Hwasa's throne is my face says:

Exactly my type of music too…Wheein has a music style I like the nost in Mamamoo.

안혜진정휘인 says:

휘인의 노래를 리액션 해주어 고마워요.
영상 잘봤어요!

WheeByulHwaSun says:

For me, even though moonbyul is my Bae, wheein has the best song in mamamoo

sakurap says:

Ahhhhh, PD it would be so cool if you had a playlist of all your modern funk faves!

Marshall L. says:

Does he have a framed pic of Jeonghan?

Alliya Diva says:

please do a reaction to Moonbyul's solo debut feat. Seulgi called Selfish 🙂

Brian Ho says:

I hope you will still do reactions on Mamamoo members, their songs are great but the clicks views are not XD

And I like this song more than the whole new album of Mamamoo 😂

stan me says:

"Is that Hwasa? Oh my god jesus…"
I relate on a spiritual level

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