PRISTIN V (프리스틴 V) – 네 멋대로 (Get It) Dance Practice (Mirrored)

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PRISTIN V (프리스틴 V) - 네 멋대로 (Get It) Dance Practice (Mirrored)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Song and dance belong to Pledis Entertainment. This video is for learning purposes only.

I feel like my videos are always off-centered and it makes me sad, but I love PRISTIN (and PRISTIN V) so much so I'm uploading it anyways. 🙁


Itz Raine says:

I wish I had friends who liked kpop so we could cover girl groups ooof

알랍뷰 says:

프리스틴 spotlight 도 노래 진쨔 좋아요!!!!❤️

pretty sad xylo says:

still trying to learn. still…

Rubi Gutierrez says:

2019 y aun tengo esperanzas de un comeback de pristin T-T

Merine Covers says:

Eunwoo is actually so good at dancing…

lonelyrowan says:

chorus bit starts at 0:52

11-k Ent says:

please come backkk

Anastazja Brauer says:

Who's main dancer?😍

가오없는가오나시 says:

당 장 컴 백 해
보석 꺼내란 말이다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
우리도 보고 싶다ㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠ

Moviemusiclover198 says:

The dance for this song had such potential. When i heard the song first i though a powerful dance was accompanying it in the chorus…. great song nonetheless

Rose Franta says:

2019 March ?

Felix’s Freckles says:

Who’s the one with pink hair? She so pretty 💜

Aditi Hopelife says:

I mean I'm sorry but
pledis grp = dance in sync

Jiaying L says:

I am officially standing eunwoo now

Winko City says:

,, i've been sleepin over pristin

Julie Ann Sangco says:

My bias? The one who has along hair

joory balushi says:

What happened to wee woo and pristine s ayegyeo ?

가차키키 says:

They're so good at dancing that I'm scared of them XD

Anicale P says:

It's been killing me for a long time. Does the beat remind you guys of another song with the same or similar? If so, what is it?

조준님 says:

1:18 ( 신경쓰지마세요 )

Ariel Ballestero Santander says:

Girl with pink hair 🔥🔥🔥

Park Jimin says:

please love kyulyung and don't hate her

NCT Lover says:

I like the one in the black outfit

윤종현 says:

이 활동 이후로 아직 복귀 소식은 없었다고 한다.. 진짜 안타깝네

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