TWICE(트와이스) “The Best Thing I Ever Did(올해 제일 잘한 일)” TEASER TWICE (More)

TWICE(트와이스) “The Best Thing I Ever Did(올해 제일 잘한 일)” M/V (More)

Article: "We're a secret connection"... Go Jun Hee x Seungri, friendly photo

Source: Sports Choson via Nate

Seungri's old Instagram photo with the caption:
"With Go Jun Hee actor-nim. Hwaiting for noona's drama. #GoJunHee #SecretConnection"


1. [+2853, -36] Go Jun Hee and everything aside, the police's investigation isn't even as good as 'Unknown Answers'. Are they stupid or are they in this together?

2. [+2311, -60] We don't know the truth yet because everybody denies at first.

3. [+2160, -34] It'll be fun if 'Unknown Answers' gets permission for launching a special investigation!

4. [+176, -0] Go Jun Hee-ssi, hurry up and sue Sports Choson. If you sue them, the police will investigate both sides. If you're not suing them, you'll become a main characterㅎㅎ

5. [+173, -1] She's the noona who went to New York that 'Unknown Answers' revealed.

6. [+171, -5] Since Burning Sun, I've realized how celebrities are different from outside and inside.

7. [+158, -1] From what I've seen, Seungri is a pimp for sure and Seungri has some close female celebrities who also search for sponsors.

8. [+138, -1] He's a "special connection" when he's popular but "no connection" when he's a criminal? Yeah right ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+114, -2] Men would know. If you're just a fellow celebrity, you'd write "close sunbae-nim", "close noona", or "connection". If you're calling it #secret connection, it's because you want to show it off to the world but you can't.

10. [+111, -0] #SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection


Article: Go Jun Hee clarifies the rumors of being invited to Seungri's services, "not true"

Source: SBS funE via Nate

1. [+2876, -36] Wow, Choi Jonghoon said, "Ugh, actress b*tches go overseas every time they're on a hiatus." How low is he gonna fall?

2. [+2315, -84] No one's gonna believe every clarification that comes out. If it's not true, you should be suing them ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+2236, -311] Everybody denies at first. There's no smoke without fire.

4. [+321, -4] If you search Seungri's Instagram, there's a photo of him and her with a hashtag #SecretConnection ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+256, -5] Wow, Choi Jonghoon is a real loser. Look how he calls them "actress b*tches". He calls them b*tches because they won't date him. He puts them down because he can't have them.

6. [+240, -7] I think the possibility is high~ Her popularity isn't big enough to suffer from this controversy anyways. Is Go Jun Hee even that popular?


Article: [Exclusive] Go Jun Hee, her casting in KBS 'Perfume' cancelled... Due to the Seungri rumors?

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+1435, -34] She denied the rumors ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I guess the broadcast workers know.

2. [+1340, -44] She's denying that it's her but we'll know once the truth gets out.

3. [+1255, -143] Park Geun Hye also said it's not true but it was 100% true...

4. [+149, -1] She's not a top celebrity though... Didn't her popularity boost up at once?

5. [+130, -0] Go Jun Hee-ssi, what kind of connection is a secret connection?

6. [+130, -0] There's a reason why Eric rejected this drama. Of course, the news spread faster in the industry...

MOMOLAND had a stellar 2018, propelled by the surprise smash of their hit “Bboom Bboom” and its copy-and-paste follow-up “BAAM“. Now, the real test begins. Having one breakout single is one thing, but forging a consistently successful career is quite another. Just ask Crayon Pop. Now that the girls have found a template that works …

씨스타 ‘쉐이크 잇’ 안무연습 거울모드
This video is a dance tutorial and is meant for educational purposes only! (More)

[MV] SISTAR(씨스타) _ SHAKE IT (More)

SISTAR(씨스타) TOUCH MY BODY Music Video (More)

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s check out some new releases!

Guys with man-buns are generally untrustworthy, just ask Jung Joon Young.

Everglow – Bon Bon Chocolat

Slow, boring, and even slightly creepy – just try looking at their stylised “torn” school uniforms without experiencing post-Seungri depression.

Stray Kids – Miroh

At first glance I thought that red thing above them in the chorus was an exposed human heart and I thought “wow this song isn’t that great but it’s cool to see a bit of a horror movie theme from a boy group once again, it’s been too long”.  Then I realised it was a cheesy lion head and I got sad.

(G)I-dle – Blow Your Mind

More absolute rubbish from this group, which is inexplicable given that they’re on the same label as CLC who have been firing on all cylinders for the past year.  The only thing that blows me away about (G)I-dle so far is how awkward their group name is to type.  When over 30% of your group name is punctuation marks, you’re failing at existing.

DIA – Woowa

Poor DIA, always coming second in everything.  First they were “the new T-ara” and now they’re “Momoland lite”.  Shannon Williams is right, DIA are going to need a lot of luck in their future.  Shinsadong Tiger is going to milk that damn “Bboom Bboom” formula as much as he can, and it’s probably not his fault, the agencies are no doubt forcing his hand.  After all why wouldn’t they, if you had “that” songwriter at your disposal you’d probably ask him to try and recreate his massive hit too.

Momoland – I’m So Hot

And why wouldn’t Momoland either for that matter, coming back with a slightly less vague than usual electro-swing feel and minimalist dancing that seems specifically designed for Jooe to exaggerate on live stages to maximise potential virality.

Taeyeon – Four Seasons

Taeyeon suprises with a decent reggae-lite/T-ara style combination instead of the horrible ballad we all feared and expected.

Lee Gikwang ft. Kid Milli – Don’t Close Your Eyes

Expect the male solo projects to start coming through thick and fast as performers in veteran k-pop boy groups work to distance themselves from their now-tainted brands thanks to their criminal groupmates getting busted participating in rapey group messaging chats.  This song has a nice beat and literally nothing else, but the ambience of it is cool and it performs its function well enough which is to make you forget about that other guy in Highlight for at least three minutes.

Shaun & Ovan – She Is

In the meantime Shaun oppa is innocent k he just waited until the girls were conscious again a few days later and then used them in his video, why didn’t Seungri think of that.  I hope they had a good counseling session together and he strongly encouraged them to report the incidents to the authorities anti-corruption commission.

Shaun & Ovan – Home

I think if Shaun actually does get busted I’ll be heartbroken.  I’ll be like Seungri stans are right now, sharing anecdotes about how he smiled in a video that one time and it was cute so how can he be a rapist.

Produce 101 – X1-MA

I don’t even know why I bother clicking anything with “Produce” in the title.  And what is that fucking shit breakdown… is that really some kind of flamenco Latin/dubstep hybrid?  It’s like they’re mad scientists trying to find new ways in which music can be shit.

VAV – Thrilla Killa

Less thrills in the title and more in the music would have been nice, this song suffers from dull production and basically sounding like everything else that’s out at the moment.

High School – High Class

When you’re supposed to be miming along to your own vocals but you’re wearing stupid yolo fashion which means that your mouth is covered in 100% of the shots you just look like a gesturing idiot.  I’m blaming (G)I-[D:L]#E for this garbage too.

Girlkind JK ft. Tommy Strate – Split

Splitting sounds like a great idea.

YonYon – Hitomitoi

Another example of a song with a cool foundation but where nobody really knew what to do over the top of it so they just wrote any old thing.

Yoon Jong Shin – Classy (Hello 30)

Yeah I wasn’t this happy to turn 30.  Although my 30s were definitely better than my 20s, and my 20s were definitely better than being a teenager.  Being a teenager sucks.

Jino, Hui, Kino – Miss You

There’s only three of them, they should have called this subunit “Triangle”.  But then Pentagon has ten members, not five (which is confusing) so they could call this “Line & A Half” or maybe if they wanna run with “Triangle” they can just rename Pentagon “Pentagon x 2” so the maths still adds up.  Okay maybe I’m overthinking this name stuff but it’s better than thinking about the song, hey.

Jade ft. Kim Areum – It’s Over

Sorry but your drawing isn’t that good that I just wanna watch it for nearly three minutes while a crappy song plays.

Lee Juck – Numbers

Someone looking at an old-school mobile phone as a way to generate a “nostalgic, earthy” feeling for an acoustic-guitar driven k-pop ballad is a sad indictment of our society at large.

Cracker – Hug Me

I think there was an American band in the 1990s called Cracker.  They sucked too.

Aleph – Slow Dance

Why is she sitting the seat marked “reserved” someone kick this crazy bitch out of the restaurant before she wrecks everything.

Thama – Sing It

Does he really sing “don’t forget The Beatles” and then “don’t forget the double-D’s”?  How do those things even go together?  Large boobs are way more interesting than some crap band from the 1960s with two good songs fronted by a drug-fucked wifebeater.  At least double-D’s should have come first.

Jung Sewoon ft. Penomeco – Feeling

Okay so it’s upbeat, wasn’t expecting that.  How did he even get permission to make this.

Ravi ft. Cold Bay – See Through

Wow he looks awkward in those turtlenecks, he looks like that girl from Theranos who wanted to be Steve Jobs, if she tried to dance instead of just scamming people with fake blood tests.

Suran ft. pH-1 – Don’t Hang Up

Some cool drums and sounds here, imagine if there was some decent hip-hop over this instead of the worst R&B crap you’ve ever heard.

Zia – If I Were Also A Man

I like it how one minute into the video the woman just gives up on the music completely and starts crying.  Can relate.

Haon – Flower

I missed this one earlier this year but it’s actually weirdly catchy despite also being quite annoying.

Saturday – Super Bad

Similar to LaBoum’s “Sugar Sugar” with the same doo-wop inspired chord progression, but I can see why this wasn’t the feature track.

Adios Audio – Make One’s Way

It’s okay I guess.  At least with these type of songs you know you’re not going to get a post-first-chorus trap breakdown.  However they lose points for no bass player.  Would have been a perfect opportunity to get Mina from AOA in the group, they might as well as she’s not doing anything else of worth lately.

Ten To Ten – Time Machine

Try not to let the incredibly awful lyric video put you off, this is okay, although maybe this time that bass is just a little too loud.

Yoyomi – Please Hold Me Tight

Kpopalypse cringe challenge – maintain eye contact with Yoyomi throughout this video.  Don’t look away!


Seungri – All the lies and all the hints from Big Bang we should have known

Actually most of this stuff in the video is pretty goddamn innocent and you could be totally forgiven for thinking that anything was amiss at the time.  If all he did was throw boring pool parties and have some adult videos name-sorted on his hard drive by actress (which is just good file management tbh), there would be no problem.  Although it is funny where he pauses before answering a couple questions and he has this funny look where you can see him turning over the thought in his head “hmmm… how much can I actually honestly answer here without giving too much away about the shit I’m really up to”.  It’s easy to be all-knowing and wise in retrospect of course, it’s harder to call this type of stuff out before it gets exposed, like Kpopalypse does!

That’s all for this week, roundup will return next week – but in the meantime don’t forget to do the latest KPOPALYPSE SURVEY by clicking here!  Don’t miss out and then regret it later!

Stray Kids celebrated 1 year of debut with the release of their fourth EP, Clé 1 : Miroh. The group was one of the most successful rookies of 2018, and the numerous teasers for this release set high expectations. The group’s previous I am… series explored various coming-of-age motifs, experimenting with sounds that drifted from the remarkable rock and nu metal influences of their debut EP, Mixtape. Clé 1 : Miroh marks a return to those roots, while embracing the group’s growth not only as artists, but also as humans.

The structure of this EP is similar to previous ones, with seven tracks — of which the first is an intro — and a CD-only mixtape. This organization is helpful in outlining the overall narrative of the group, acknowledging moments in their career like pages in a book. “Clé” means “key” in French, and “miro” means “maze” in Korean, making the intro, “Entrance,” a fit start for this new era.

Leader Bang Chan, who produced the track, mentioned that it represents the moment right before entering the maze — “Où suis-je?” (“Where am I?” in French) wanders the opening verse. The track is a chaotic mashup of textures and voice samples from other songs in the album, creating an enticing wildland that builds anticipation for what is to come.

And so begins “Miroh,” the explosive title track. In it, the group’s impressive rap skills are powered to the maximum with an EDM background, animal roars, and Congolese chants. The result is bound to be a highlight of their concerts, as it has an anthemic quality that often works better live than in studio recordings. Furthermore, while the song’s powerful drop is a staple in electronic music, its anchoring with Bang Chan and I.N’s verses is a brilliant combination that gets better with each listen. In terms of lyrics, “Miroh” has the group facing the jungle of life with newfound confidence:

Run through the maze like a beast

I’m avoiding all the familiar paths

Though inexperienced, it’s a new challenge

Imma Bear Grylls anything that blocks my dream

I’m going to eat it up

I run, it’s the adventure for my dream

“Victory Song,” the B-side being promoted alongside “Miroh,” keeps up the momentum. Produced by 3Racha (a unit consisting of Bang Chan, Changbin and Han) in conjunction with Earattack, the latter’s characteristic heavy style is the most prominent feature in this track. Got7’s “Hard Carry” instantly comes to mind, as the framework for both songs are quite similar, with clashing hooks and chanted toplines. “Victory Song” builds up where “Miroh” leaves off, with the group boasting about feeling victorious even before the battle starts.

These overconfident feelings take the backseat as Stray Kids remember the past in the next track, “Maze of Memories.” A haunting piano adds depth and melancholy to the rap verses in the beginning, but the sound is abruptly substituted by aggressive guitar riffs, emphasizing the anger and frustration in the lyrics. The track progressively morphs into a nightmarish soundscape, with police sirens and vulture hisses that create an impending sense of doom. In the latter half, Felix, Seungmin, and Bang Chan’s English raps offer particularly poignant thoughts on the process of chasing dreams:

And so, should I give up?

But really, can I give up?

We live in a time and space, a world full of blinds

It makes me wanna give up

But then again, no I shouldn’t give up

I feel it inside, don’t wanna give up

We live in a time and space, a world full of blinds

Now I’ve had enough

Fortunately, “Maze of Memories” ends on a hopeful note, reaffirming their never-give-up attitude. This positivity spreads to “Boxer,” a combat in the format of a song. The marimba sounds in the beginning might suggest a lighter, happier track, but once the first ring at 00:46 hits, it is clear that Stray Kids is ready to fight. Although a catchy chorus could have elevated this track even more, the experimentalism of the whole package is striking. You can almost see a boxing match take place in your mind with all the frenetic synths, cheering, ringing sounds, and the literal “jab, Stray Kids, jab” verses.

Following close after is “Chronosaurus.” The title’s ingenious combination of “chrono” (Greek prefix related to time) and “saurus” (Greek suffix used to name dinosaurs and other extinct reptiles) plays with the idea of time being an unattainable, untameable beast. Melancholic distortions, desperate vocals, and an ever-ticking clock set a compelling atmosphere to what is arguably one of Stray Kids’ best works to date. “Chronosaurus” is a chill-inducing dive into the universal anxiety of being trapped by time, showcasing the group’s outstanding ability in capturing human essence in a relatable yet unique way.

The album prepares for closure with the introspective “19,” a track written by Han and produced by 3Racha. In the trio’s pre-talk with JYP, Han mentions that this song is about the excitement of turning 20, but also the apprehension of leaving your teenage years behind. It is definitely a relatable song to anyone who has gone through that age, and the song possesses a vulnerability rarely seen in K-pop. The concept of time is explored once more in emotional lyrics that dwell on wanting to grow up but feeling nostalgic at the same time:

It’s too fast

I’ve waited for this moment, what about you?

Are you a little scared? Or are you excited?

To be honest, it hurts to send you away

The final track, “Mixtape #4,” is a rearranged version of 3Racha’s “Broken Compass.” With a more polished instrumental and newly added singing verses, the trio’s growth shines through while honoring their past — a touching conclusion to the EP. It is also a thoughtful gift for fans who have been following them since the beginning, reinforcing the importance of attending to your own compass, even if it looks broken to outsiders

Overall, Clé 1 : Miroh reveals itself to be both a powerful journey and a thoughtful memoir. Travelling through the highs and lows of youth, it documents the fascinating process of growing up in a heartfelt way. While Stray Kids are still discovering themselves in K-pop’s bewildering maze, their burgeoning talents suggest they are already forces to be reckoned with.

(Youtube. Lyrics via Color Coded Lyrics and LyricsKpop. Images via JYP Entertainment.)

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Download on iTunes @ (More)

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O.O.O (오오오) – 봄, 너, 사랑의 시작 Release Date: 2019.03.28 Genre: Rock Language: Korean Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps Track List: 01. 봄, 너, 사랑의 시작 Download Album File: O.O.O – 봄,…

pH-1 – HALO Release Date: 2019.03.28 Genre: Rap / Hip-hop Language: Korean Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps Track List: 01. Alright (Prod. Mokyo) 02. 너무싫어 (Prod. Mokyo) 03. Malibu (Feat. The Quiett,…

Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) “극과 극(N/S)” Video (Street Ver.) (More)

Stray Kids “Mirror” Performance Video (More)

Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) “MIROH” M/V (More)

BewhY – 찬란 Release Date: 2019.03.28 Genre: Rap / Hip-hop Language: Korean Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps Track List: 01. 찬란 Download Album File: BewhY – CHALLAN [].rar Size: 11.1 MB Hosted:…

케이시 (Kassy) – 진심이 담긴 노래 (True Song) Release Date: 2019.03.28 Genre: Ballad Language: Korean Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps Track List: 01. 진심이 담긴 노래 (True Song) 02. 진심이 담긴 노래…

Most K-dramas end with a final message which shows up on the screen after the final shot fades away. It acts as a farewell message, an acknowledgement of and appreciation for the time spent together. It is usually a brief ‘thank you for watching’ or a summary of the message of the show. At the end of Romance is a bonus book, the show leaves us with the words, ‘the moon is beautiful.’ For a moment, I was slightly taken aback but then I found myself whispering the words back. At first, Romance is a bonus book for me was a story about homes and how we attempt to find or create homes, places of love and support in the world.

When the show entered its final stretch, then it felt more like this was a story about storytelling, its importance of stories in the world and the stories we tell each other. However, for me now, Romance is a bonus book is a show about both things and that all together, the show is a tapestry of stories about the things that give us and help us to survive in its world.

The show starts off by painting a stark picture of the inhumane nature of modern living in South Korea. In the first episode, we see our heroine, Kang Dan-i (played naturally and with an abundance of warmth by Lee Na-young) facing a series of rejections at job interviews all based on the fact that she has been away from the workplace for some time (something that was taken from the American show that inspired this show, Younger). A particular moment summarises it well when Kang Dan-i struggles in a phone call to convince a company to delay her job interview after she has lost her shoe and she is late. She pleads with them for understanding and she is coldly rejected. Furthermore, she is seeking a home after the house that she lived in before has been demolished. Romance is a bonus book throughout leans into this idea that the modern world has little to no care for the people at the heart of it, particularly its stories about the treatment of writers. Yet the show is, of course, an overall positive one filled with an unapologetic, unabashed love for what it loves.

The stories it chooses to tell illuminate the ways in which people find and create stories and homes as tools of survival. You can see the ways that this theme is woven in from the start. Early on, Romance is a Bonus Book tells us that Dan-i and Cha Eun-ho (a role that allows Lee Jong-suk use his greatest strengths) connected through stories when she was in the hospital, a testament to their healing power. Furthermore, arguably this story is initiated by an act of storytelling by Dan-i when she chooses to lie at the final and successful job interview, one that through which she is able to break her cycle of rejections. Romance is a Bonus Book is also, of course, a show about the publishing company and the love that the show has for books shines through this (Kim Tae-woo‘s excellent, hilarious performance as CEO Kim Jae-min comes to mind). Jung Hyun-jung, the writer of this drama (as well as the I Need Romance series and Discovery of Romance, notice a pattern?!) skillfully weaves in book-themed plotlines into the main plot, emphasizing the importance of books in our lives despite the decline of book sales.

One of my favourite scenes in the show is the conversation that Eun-ho and Dan-i have in Episode 6 about their relationship. At one point, Eun-ho ends up describing himself as Dan-i’s “home” to which both Dan-i and I rolled our eyes. For me, homes come up as a major theme of the show, but not just the literal homes that Dan-i and Oh Ji-yool find (a delightfully funny Park Gyu-young paired with the revelation that is Kang Ki-doong). In Romance is a Bonus Book, homes are places of comfort, support, and love, safe places to hide in. By no means are these places perfect but rather they are defined by an imperfect love that helps you to be your full self.  In that sense, Dan-i does find a home within Eun-ho but also one within her workplace. It was fully heartwarming to see the show trace Dan-i’s personal growth over time as she is able to repair the main defining relationships in her life.

While this show does have flaws (yes, the daughter issue but this show is not really trying to be a portrait of single motherhood much like its inspiration), Romance is a Bonus Book still remains for me to be a well-done and thoughtfully crafted drama. It, for the most part, skillfully combines many different elements, a zany sense of humour, a sweet but not indulgent romance, a slice-of-life sensibility, and social critique. It is a drama with a stellar cast pretty much across the board who are given interesting, complex characters to work with. I think though that the best way to describe Romance is a Bonus Book is as a show that has an unapologetic, unabashed love for what it loves: books, writers, its main characters, homes we create…and it is a sincere love that overflows off the screen and to us.

(Images via TVN)

Family guy parody (More)

Album:Bubble Pop!(버블팝)
Year:2011 (More)

The 1st version of ‘BUBBLE POP! ‘ Practice video.
현아의 1집 타이틀곡 ‘버블팝’ 안무 연습 영상 최초 버전.
지금 전세계를 놀라게 하고 있는 버블팝의 안무 풀버전이 완성되던 순간,
무대못지않게 빛나는 현아의 열정을 확인하세요! (More)

HYUNA (현아) – Change feat 용준형 (체인지) (More)

현아의 2번째 미니앨범 ‘MELTING’ 타이틀 곡 ‘아이스크림 (ICE CREAM)’ 뮤직비디오! (More)

피싱걸스 – Fishing Queen Release Date: 2019.03.27 Genre: Rock Language: Korean Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps Track List: 01. Disco From Hell 02. 아저씨 03. 빠져든다 04. 승민씨와 함께 (Remaster) 05. 어른이날…

HyunA(현아) – ‘베베 (BABE)’ Official Music Video
Download on iTunes Apple Music: (More)

[MV] HyunA(현아) _ BABE(베베) (More)

Article: [Official] Ji Chang Wook reps, "No relation to Madame Lin... She asked for a photo as a fan"

Source: Sports Choson via Naver

1. [+13442, -504] Hey, it's true that you're a club rat, though?

2. [+6956, -286] Expected outcome: Strong legal action -> Truth revealed -> Retirement (kicked out)

3. [+3249, -57] Usually, 'Unanswered Questions' is strict enough to blur out dogs ㅋㅋ

4. [+2404, -86] They even blurred out Ronaldo... um...

5. [+2315, -45] 'Unanswered Questions' was so shocking yesterday but it's not on Naver's main page? YG's second biggest shareholder Naver?

6. [+1218, -80] He's not denying that it's him.

7. [+1190, -66] The agency's statement 5 days later: "We could only trust Ji Chang Wook's own words. Today we will terminate Ji Chang Wook's contract. We ask the fans for understanding. We claim that our agency has nothing to do with Ji Chang Wook's controversy."

8. [+1126, -49] Why is this not a top search and where are the articles ㅋㅋ Hey, I used to be your fan and I know you're a rat at Arena Club ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Your best friends are the same, just like you ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+1083, -16] Zico is staying quiet. I'm sure there's something about him, too.

10. [+953, -20] 'Unanswered Question' isn't a show to reveal his face by mistake. It's a TV program on social issues that's sensitive enough to blur out Ronaldo's face who doesn't even know hangul...


Article: 'Unanswered Questions' reps, "Ji Chang Wook's picture was used to describe Madame Lin... The controversy is unfortunate"

Source: Spotv News via Nate

1. [+2139, -43] I'm sure the show revealed his face on purpose because they have evidence to back up their claim. The show isn't stupid.

2. [+1928, -29] If Ji Chang Wook is innocent, he should be suing the show.

3. [+1508, -232] Ji Chang Wook's Instagram is terrorized. They should apologize him directly. If the show actually intended this, I'll get goosebumps.

4. [+282, -8] I think the show gave us a hint. I'm sure they'll use this statement in a later episode and say, "Ji-ssi's reps complained to us staff. However..."

5. [+275, -2] Chang Wook-ah, if you're innocent, you just have to sue the show ㅋㅋ And if the show gets sued, they'll provide more information ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+258, -2] The show could be sued for this, it's not like they don't know. They had prepared for this episode for 3 months. I'm sure they checked it many times.

7. [+244, -3] Choi Jonghoon denied at first, too.

8. [+236, -5] They didn't blur out his face on purpose. Do you think the show is stupid?

9. [+188, -4] I don't think the show aired his face without a thought on a sensitive topic like this. If the show actually revealed his face for nothing, Ji Chang Wook has the right to be upset and the show should apologize. But everybody denies at first and says they're not related to the controversy.

10. [+171, -3] When there was an article on Ji Chang Wook going on a vacation with Lee Jonghyun and Choi Tae Joon, I commented and said birds of a feather are hanging out together. I got so many downvotes ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They were birds of a feather indeed.

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V – purple
Jungkook – red (More)

[MV] BTS(방탄소년단) _ Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) (feat. THANH) (More)

BTS (방탄소년단) – Danger / Boy In Luv (상남자)
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防弾少年団、日本3rdシングル「Danger-Japanese Ver.-」が11月19日に発売!
オフィシャルHP: (More)

Bangtan Boys 방탄소년단 ‘Danger’ 안무연습 거울모드
This video is a dance tutorial and is meant for educational purposes only! (More)

Jimmy Brown (지미 브라운) – Is You Down Release Date: 2019.03.27 Genre: R&B / Soul Language: Korean Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps Track List: 01. Is You Down (Feat. Minshik & Harms)…

Richard Gere on 'Morning Yard'
(He appeared on the show because he thought it was Korea's 'Oprah Winfrey Show'. In fact, the main audience of the show is seniors. He got the same pay as other Korean guests.)

Christina Aguilera on 'Inkigayo'

Usher on 'Inkigayo'

Westlife on 'Inkigayo'
"Boy group of 5 members from Ireland"

Lady Gaga on 'M Countdown'

Jason Mraz on 'EBS Space'

Ryan Reynolds on 'Masked Singer'

Tom Hiddleston on 'SNL Korea'

Snoop Dog on 'Show Me The Money'

Shaquille O'Neal on 'I'm Going to School'

Tom Cruise on 'Running Man'

Black Eyed Peas on 'People Looking for Laughter'

Bob Sapp on 'Field Experience of Life'

Maria Sharapova on 'Infinity Challenge'

Fedor on 'Infinity Challenge'

Paris Hilton on 'Infinity Challenge'

Thierry Henry on 'Infinity Challenge'


Instiz: 'Why is he here...?' Mysterious guests on Korean variety shows

- If we also count the award shows, there was Charlie Puth on Genie Music Awards and Janet Jackson on MAMA ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Korea's Oprah Winfrey show? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yeah... among grandpas and grandmas

- Didn't Britney Spears perform on Inkigayo, too? How did Inkigayo manage all this...

- Also, Jason Mraz first revealed I'm Yours on that stage ㅋㅋ The song hit daebak

- I enjoyed the Infinity Challenge episodes cluelessly when I was young. Now that I look at it, the guests were amazing...

- I watched the stage of Jason Mraz when I was young and I thought he was just a foreign member of a Korean indie group ㅋㅋㅋ

- Jack Black on Infinity Challenge, too ㅋㅋㅋ