2019 PEPSI CONCERT RAVI(라비) x Eunha(은하) – BLOSSOM (More)

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OH MY GIRL 1st Album [THE FIFTH SEASON] has been released.
Listen and download on iTunes&Spotify
:: iTunes – https://apple.co/2LyBTtq
::Spotify – https://spoti.fi/2LA2MgB
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[라이브 클래스] 프로미스나인 – 펀!
[LIVE CLASS] fromis_9 – FUN! (More)

[릴레이댄스] 프로미스나인 – FUN!
[Relay Dance] fromis_9 – FUN! (More)

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官方MV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5uE7KDkDFE (More)

open me! (More)

open me! (More)

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[그래 이 노래] 쏠 – LOVIN’ U (feat. pH-1)
[그래 이 노래] SOLE – LOVIN’ U (feat. pH-1) (More)

아메바컬쳐와 디바인채널의 공동 프로젝트 두 번째!
미친 음색에 전곡 참여한 능력자 이게 데뷔한지 2년째 안된
싱어의 능력치란 말인가!!!
pH-1 & THAMA 피쳐링까지 뭐 하나 빠짐없는
수록곡에 그냥 전곡 다 부르기로 한 혜자 터지는 라이브 영상
그냥 이렇게 메들리 한곡도 음원내쥬라구~ (More)

나만 알고 싶던 음색퀸 이제 놓아줄 때가 됨 ㅠ
음색+제스처 모두 매력 터져버려
[PALETTE LIVE] SOLE (쏠) – LOVIN’ U (Feat. pH-1) (More)

★Album Release 2019.06.26 18:00 (More)

SOLE (쏠) – LOVIN’ U (Feat. pH-1) | 오디오/Audio/MP3 (More)

▶ ATEEZ x ATINY: Vote For ATEEZ’s Next Song (Official Fan cafe)
▶ ATEEZ x ATINY: Vote For ATEEZ’s Next Song (Official Voting Site)
https://ateez.vote/pE5V/ (More)

2019.12.4 RELEASE
■Type-A【CD+DVD】COZP-1603-4 ¥3,636+税
■ATINY 盤【CD+DVD】*FC 限定盤 COZP-1605-6 ¥4,545+税
■Type-Z【CD】COCP-17698 ¥2,727+税
※トレカ封入(全9種) (More)

♬ Available on iTunes, Apple Music : https://apple.co/2Mf5MwY
Listen on Spotify : https://spoti.fi/35DQGZB (More)

[MV] ATEEZ – Promise
[MV] 에이티즈 – 프로미스 (More)

Release Date: 2019. 06. 10 (More)

CIX (씨아이엑스) – ‘Movie Star’ Performance Video (More)

▶CIX – Movie Star [Music Bank Hot Debut / 2018.07.26] (More)

CIX (씨아이엑스) – ‘Movie Star’ Dance Practice Video (More)

BE ORIGINAL] CIX ‘Movie Star’ (4K Ultra HD)
[비 오리지널] 씨아이엑스 ‘Movie Star’ (More)

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– KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.631
– Rocket Punch – BIM BAM BUM (More)

#샘김 #SamKim Instagram @leegititssam (More)

For the 3rd reaction video of Season 4 of this series, classical musicians react to Crush’s ‘NAPPA’ single. (More)