NEW SKIN for Susano – Zuko

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Aang Merlin will be available in the Avatar: The Last Airbender Battle Pass. It will be rewarded at level 1. The Battle Pass will be 750 gems and it will go live on July 14.
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SanadaCrimson73 says:

Can this game be played offline if I just want to play with the Avatar characters?

Sir Gwan says:

God I love how he does his spin kick signature move for his ult

Gavitron 6000 says:

2:17 what is that? How is it done?

-Ni chan - says:

Why he not yalling honor and died

Jon Gustafson says:

I’m mad they didn’t give Scylla a Toph skin

space man says:

cringe asf. this just doesnt fit.

Kevin Mendoza says:

Zuko is not zuko without Dante Basco's voice

Parris Summers says:

Girl bye I would’ve preferred azula

Jen Elli says:

they just had to bring back that cringy tea joke

Mason RobertsTV says:

I would buy this game just for the skin packs but I don’t have the money

jvicente says:

wheres his true voice actooor

Elven Born says:

It would be a Hundred times better if they get the original voice actor, although this voice actor is also good at using zuko voice xD

Rossmel paul Natividad says:

They had the perfect opportunity with Toph as Gaia… but this brings me joy too.

starwars1744 says:

These Avatar skins are really well done.

Shaurya Kaushik says:

His 4th is the same move he uses to knock azula back during their final fight.

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