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NCT 127의 Neo Culture Dance Practice Video.
멋짐 폭발! 다크 체리밤! NCT 127 멤버들의 모노톤 댄스 비디오, BOMB 버전을 만나보세요!

NCT 127 Official


avita rtnsr says:

Wadooh mantuul, nganga liatnya 😂 mantul mantul

osnapitzrai says:

2:38 this drop still my favorite part cuz damn

Sesrin says:

Damn all this time and Johnny's move at 1:25 still kills me 😩🙏❤

Sophia Malvar says:

What is the chorus of the song?

Maryam Asif says:

New fan here ♥️

해달 says:

왜굳이 모노톤으로 보여주시는지요… ?

Aung Ko says:

Guys check this out! This cover of cherry boom is so awesome

yyy yyy says:

Oh my gosh, this performance is so hard to remember, I really respect these kids. They made it so good!!

Wilted Carnation says:

Half of these views are mine

iKuraname says:

who won best performance that year 🤔

iKuraname says:

keep coming back every other month or so just remind myself how fucking good cherry bomb is 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧 miss u

Aera 2 says:

it's been 2 years but it amazes me on how taeyong can still effortlessly dance this part 4:06 up until now esp during the random play dance in NY like bro tHOSE DANCING SKILLS

Savana Simmons says:

Yall they was so cute and small 💀 they had lil noodle arms

Yaramsi Arnaiz says:

muriendo, piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip… JESUS BENDITO DE DONDE SALEN ESTOS CHIQUILLOS, no se cuantas veces repeti el min 1:23 y el min 3:48, MORIIIIIIII Y NO LIT, SMTOWN TE LO RUEGO POR LO QUE MAS QUIERAN, se que ha pasado mucho desde esTa cancion, PERO YO NECESITO VER A TODO! TODO! NCT BAILANDO ESTA MIERDA!, LOS HOMBRECITOS DE NCT U Y LOS BEBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DE NCT DREAM*, MUERO, DE NUEVO, SI VEO A *JISUNG BAILAR ESTOOOOOOOOOOOOO!, lo ame por cierto, por si no lo dije amo este baile 🙂

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