NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Regular (English Ver.)' Dance Practice

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Khanaya Dian zahfa says:

The footstep🌚

caramel popcorn says:

Lets all wear long pants and not tell taeil… I mean where's this joke?

Julia_ Ace of Hearts says:

Taeil looks extra smol in this

C Tha Cinthia says:

k so, who's the one with the 2009 shirt?

# Gabsterzz says:

Their dance videos just makes me become a dancer

kpop malfunctioning robot says:

0:53,2:12 .Even there footsteps a synchronized

Kenny Nguyen says:

Damn the intensity on the stomps at 3:06

Almira Haya says:

my eyes always seeing the one in hoodie i wandering who it is, i dont know it was taeil omg he is so smol and cute


Dance moms who?

kermit the frog says:

"I'll be fucking with that cheese" kdbsjsbdb JAEHYUN WTH ITS "WALKING"

xtwizler says:

its been months & i have seen NO one talk about the cropping of this video… it still pisses me off

iadoreuxuminghao says:

Johnnys Lines: yeah yeah yeah

Sophie Renne says:


shihui_sh says:

Mark is exploding with confidence! Let's get it boy!

융기융기 says:

와 저 벙거지 누구에요;;; 진짜 오지게 춘다..

Jaeyong's Daughter says:

ok, jaehyun is already tall but looks tiny beside johnny…

정수아shella says:

Yuta pleaseeeeeeeeee

What does it mean If i told u to go fuck urself says:

Mark is fucking swag itself

bae bae says:

mark is always 120% in everything’s

qila says:

damn they're so fast….

asher K says:

얘네는 진짜 말도 안되게 잘하는 거 같다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

anay_aaa says:

i am so scared to learn this

Kimy Abdy says:

Win win come back in Nct 127 please 😭❤️

Sarah Howe says:

taeil and johnny look exceptionally beautiful in this vid.

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