nba youngboy – death enclaimed REACTION

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nba youngboy – death enclaimed REACTION

I just reacted to NBA Youngboy. I hope y’all enjoyed it.


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Arlena Clark TV says:

This is a re upload. I felt so bad about how I edited the last one. So I took the slow mode off and gave y’all the original video. I hope y’all enjoy it. I love y’all 😘

Fog says:

I flew straight to the comments when she said tarzan😂

BASTN YT’ says:

The hell u get Tarzan from 😂😂

Kenzo Benzo says:

Yes that’s jania baby 😭

secret_ playzyt says:

tell me why i thought yb was next to her😂😂😂

Nadine Rolle says:

You like NBA good

Where's Rude’s Battlerap Podcast?? says:

You look like Rage lol

javar bazemore says:

I love her eyes😩😍

aiden carswell says:

tarazan? it’s kacey😹

iiSnöØP DøG says:

8:25 right, that’s wat I thought

Tiera TV says:

😂😂😂 what’s his name Tarzan😂😂 his name Kasey😂

Keisha Ingram says:

that nene baby

August Stone says:

So at the part when he say “ya left her ring through the night” he was saying he made yaya leave because he knows somebody going to kill him soon so he don’t want yaya to be there when it happen so that’s why he started cheap on her an stuff an he don’t want her to know the truth because she will wanna stay

Flee Styled Hoopers FSH says:

He sayin all the death stuff for a reason someone he know broke into his house the other just listen and pay attention everything he sayin happened the other day and things could have happened

RedMan7K says:

they call him tarzan his name kacey

C104L 18 says:


westendcory _ says:

You watching vertical style ew

Jemya Franks says:

Tarzan is his nickname his real name is kacey!!❤❤

jwk gaming says:

Mane you got to understand that he cant die yet he got kids and fans so if he carry them guns juss kno he got kids cause at the end the day if he get caught lacking it’s over

Jayson ひ says:

I’m gon tell DDG you said that bout YB lol😭

Jaden Kenner says:

His name is KC

# move l says:

Him and her don’t go together

TreyWay J says:

Like the video. 🙌🏽 real nice

Julius Thompson says:

He can't put the gun down that's how he gone die if he let it go.

lil baby says:

Gotdamn she so breautiful she deserve everythang good in her life

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