nba youngboy – Death Enclaimed "MOM REACTS"

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Forever.extravagant _ says:

No he has 4 sons kayden ,taytay,k3,kacey. And he has one he claims but that’s not his real son which baby k and he has a baby girl which is Armani and has other one died when she was borning.

1yungeen Jay says:

He said 4 lil boys an 2 lil girls an they mines

Road Games says:

react to rod wave fr fr

NYC yetta says:

Uh K3 is his . He doesn’t claim BabyK . He only takes care of BabyK when he’s around . That’s it . As for Kayden (Draco) , Taylin (Tay Tay) , Kamiri (K3) , & Kacey(Tarzan) ARE HIS 4 SONS . And for daughters when he said “2 lil girls and THEY MINE” he was referring to his first daughter Armani by his first bm Nisha & then his second daughter otw by Drea .

ReedTooFunny ! says:

Have your mom react to M.T. Da Goodess-Reaper🔥💨

GMB _J says:

He said they Is his

Michael Wright says:

She slime 😭

Alma Kelly says:

It’s the bandana for me 🤣😭💜

Baby Mexico says:

She pulled up tha bandana , she thuggin thuggin 😂😂

Gorgeousss 10k says:

The girls are his, he has a daughter name Armani and he has another one on the way

BlackVenm says:

Saying 4 little boys and 2 little girls that ain’t mine, he’s saying that the mothers barely let him get to see the children, and it feels like the children is even his

Tyrell Preston says:

RIP tuince Leroy

Fairis Lanae says:

He didnt day his kids weren't his he said "4 lil boys and 2 lil girls and they mine"

Tyrell Preston says:

RIP tuince Leroy

Mondo Ttg says:

You really needa show ha youngboys old music

Kjay Mobb says:

Momo don’t turned into 4ktrey slime attics😂💚

Marco Butler says:

Definitely Subscribing. Loe you and Mom channel bro

Drina Raquelle says:

Kayden,Tay Tay,K3, Kasey 4 lil boys Armani,Id2 lil girl

Trapizonn says:

Your mom seem like she got a lot of wisdom definitely gonna sub she was preaching 👌

xrSnag says:

Why was the video so before the audio lol

Tashawn Williams says:

He will be ok. He is definitely a blessed soul

Famous Trice says:

gg got the slime bandanna💚💚

Shaee Price says:

Kaylyn faked her pregnancy

DaCory Breland says:

no bro yb sed “ 4 boys and 2 lil girls it ain’t mine “! he talking about his ex gf kay was faking about having a baby by him !

Lovely Denise says:

React to rod wave through the wire and freestyle by him

audrey gyane says:

k3 draco kacey & taytay are definitely his then there’s karmon i think that’s his name witch is not his but takes care of him then armani by dracos mom is his but kay didn’t have kind so now he has one girl & another girl otw

Darren Holt says:

One of the boys not his but he promised to take care of him tho

BreadwayDj says:

The son has no energy he make it boring

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