[MV] Whee In(휘인) _ EASY (Feat. Sik-K)

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[MV] Whee In(휘인) _ EASY (Feat. Sik-K)

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:: iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/album/easy-feat-sik-k-single/1373163676?l=ko&ls=1&app=itunes

[Whee In(휘인)]

After finishing the successful activities for the title track ‘Starry Night’ of its mini album ‘Yellow Flower’, MAMAMOO has been busy performing ‘Everyday’ in the first half of this year as they came to the fans like a present. This time, the third sister of MAMAMOO Whee In starts her first step as a solo artist. The title track ‘EASY’ captivated the listeners as it well described Whee In’s deeper world of music that goes well with the multicolor glamour as if magnolias are in full bloom for the first time. Many have high expectations and attention in her future moves as she developed herself as a solo artist.


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鹿 says:

Go and stream her new teaser of white album!! She has the latest views now🤢🤢🤢🤢

Just Call Me Bookworm says:

1:56 Hey . . . isn't that Hwasa?

ashley gopaul says:

1:56 the iconic moment you're looking for after looking at twit

젤리는마시소 says:

노래 너무 좋은뎅?!!?!!!

luninha stan loona says:

gosh i love her

Chaeyoung Myoui says:


Jessie Kwok says:

I love Whee In's singing and her voice ^^

Tui là MERRY says:

Best in short hairrr

Vas Ti says:

I love blonde short hair Wheein

Fathiya Hamdan says:

I just realized men are stupid/foolish according to 2 young girls.

썽은 썽은 says:


썽은 썽은 says:


Dia Bart says:

How can you ignore a woman like her tho. For real goddess

Park Ri Jin says:

Mamamoo will comeback on March 14th pls support Wheein and her group

— Holland Taegguk says:

que alguien me explique el porque ella es tan hermosa.

rapthor666 says:

Byulli could do this rap when live, eaeasy. I'd repeat that

Zali G says:

jsjshs i love her so much 😭💕

Park Ri Jin says:

White wind is near

I Kami I.L.T.I says:

Amo que tanto en el solo de Hwasa como en el de Wheein aparecen las dos <3

Wheesa <333 ahr

Foxywolfer3456 says:

Idk if you noticed that, she is wearing a Gucci t-shirt

Potatoe Fat says:

Once you WheeIn
You can't Wheeout

Park Ri Jin says:


Lemon says:

농도짙은목소리는 듣기좋은걸

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