[MV] Favorite (페이버릿) – Party Time

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Artist : Favorite (페이버릿)
Title : 1st Mini album _ My Favorite
Title track : Party Time
MV Release : 2017.07.05 12:00

ASTORY Official Homepage: http://www.astoryent.com
Favorite Official Fan's : http://cafe.daum.net/official-story
Favorite Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/favorite_twt
Favorite Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/officialFavorite
Favorite Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpJTTbU6UUbaujM3wvm_4EA


stan yehana says:

vindo aqui só pra lembrar de um dos melhores debuts que já vi 💞💞💞

hoshoshi Inc says:

this song deserve moreee

Indah Nursanti says:

Binge watching their 3 mv. This concept is my favorite. Their voice unique, i like to listen. Ara & Gaul voice is charming and charismatic. Hope them recognized for their talent 🙂

•dd muunie• says:

how did i not know this existed tbh

Bia Insomnia says:

Support From Very Berry's 😉😊☺

chuuwu says:

underrated bop

Elijah Wyn says:

No way is that Go Ara from Mixnine?

Bionic Birb says:

I like the rapper and the cute girl with the deep-ish voice, and the mv aesthetic is on point too! If only their group name wasn't impossible to look up ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Réa says:

i juste discovered them and : i already love them

gabrielle says:

페이버릿, 너의 존재가 선물이에요!

Mariyah Khan says:

They're so talented omg!

kpjjngyoongi says:

They slayed their comeback today~ Favorite hwaiting! 😀

이교앙 says:

어쨰서… 첫장면부터 폐건강이 걱정이 되는건가…

Fernanda s2 says:

Brazil love you❤❤❤

KokoroHane says:

Wow, I love this sound, very unique and fresh!

Kaah Oliveira says:

Me loved it 💕

2114720114 says:

Love 💗 Love 💖 Love 💕 Love 💞 Love 💝 Love ❤
Favorite is my favourite!! (Sorry) 😂

Alejandra Gabriela says:

They are so good👍

the crazy girl says:

I love your voices!!!

pink roses says:

This concept is awesome!!!! ❤️❤️

hayana هيانا says:

Gaeul غايول
Seoyeon سيويون
Saebom سايبوم
Sukyung سوكيونغ
Ara ٱرا
Junghee جونغهي

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