Monsta X 'Fighter' mirrored Dance Practice

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몬스타엑스 '파이터' 안무연습 거울모드
This video is a dance tutorial and is meant for educational purposes only!


choco holic says:

표현력?이항상 아쉽다. 즐기는것같지않고 외워서추는 느낌.

almita calix says:

Ay por dios otra vez me enamoreeeee♥️🥰

Бланка Біла says:

Вау, я скільки раз пердивляюсь, як вони танцюють і ніяк не можу відірвати очей від них….. Хоча танець знаю напам'ять

Moon 14 says:

Wonho 😍😍so handsome

이은주 says:


Mean Swaeg says:

No one did Fighter tutorial so here I am just gonna watch them in 0.5 slow speed.

cy p says:


Mahika Mallari says:

They all have matching shoes vans and idk what brand

Asyang Yt says:

Did Minhyuk slapped Hungwon
EDIT: does anyone likes StarshipTV

Sandra Menegusso says:

Aiiii monsta x 🔥❤❤

K-POPペン says:


MinecraftTransgenderyoutube feminist says:

Thats pretty epic

Ana Flávia Ribeiro says:

Its 2018, Shoot out era and Wonho is the same hair

Yasmin Marques says:

Sinceramente, minha coreografia favorita <3

Choi Jin-Hyuk My weakness says:


Sinar Sham says:

Nice dancing group.!!!

Tanya Shadiya says:

What's the name of the guy with pink hair?

Thaís Souza says:

0:37 Shownu e Wonho 😮, que popô é esse?! 😮😏

Min Yoonique says:

Isn't that Wonho's gift that he gave to I.M? aka made with his bunny fur? xD <3 so cute! <3

тнυpιdιтy。 ♡ says:

Wonho be boyfriend material. 🤣😍😍

Dannii says:

They are tall as FUCK. I'd look like mini Mario standing next to them. Jesus.

why am i like this says:

Minhyuk slapping Hyungwon's face is aesthetic

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