Minecraft: Nether Update Trailer (UNOFFICIAL)

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THIS IS A FAN MADE TRAILER. I made it myself using the latest snapshot. That means that things you see in this video might change before the actual update comes releases. Hope you enjoy!

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Music that I used is from the new Music Disc in game called Pigstep:


Breezly Tc says:

Anyone here after the nether update already came out?

Posif Cool says:

0:04: me when ghast try to kill me but not hit me

Ast Space Administration says:

Nice On The Music

Carrotlyn says:

very well done! camera angles are really good! may be try adding some shaders?

Choke_Me _Funny says:

Still think this is better than the official trailer

łucashhugo YT ツ ϟ ジ says:

Not a bad trailer tho! 🙂

Sans says:

Mojang should have a look at this 🙂

Pakistan Fun Gamer says:

This is amazing bro

Darren Manuela says:

I dare you to beat Minecraft without tree

CarterDoesMinecraft says:

So much better than the actual trailer lmao

tofita 7amda says:

Would be much better if you put the deep fried texture pack

Sean Johnson says:

I mean this is better…Mojang use animation now and that's sucks they're like Ubisoft now but this…you bring the nostalgia back

ChubTheMaster says:

i thought this would be a joke video tbh

Barthvader Halloween says:

This was really well edited and I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into the trailer. Nice!

GamerX 19 says:

Wow,it literally looks like offical update. Btw love you✌

Elite says:

if its not bare bones and a goofy song playing in the background then whats the point

K is for KAZOO says:

Wow this is very epic it also kinda feels like a subnautica trailer

Ahmed E. says:

GameNight: Makes a trailer for 1.16

Mojang: Write that down, write that down!

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